Barca Sacrificed Coutinho To Recruit Lautaro Martinez

Barcelona is still taking advantage of the worldwide pandemic break, silently preparing for the 2020 summer market, which is already very close. At the heart of the Catalunya team’s planning is the Lautaro Martinez name.

“Blockbuster” during the pandemic: Barca sacrificed Coutinho to recruit Lautaro Martinez

In the winter of 2018, Coutinho joined Barcelona on a £ 142million contract, making him the third most expensive player in world football history. But until now, Barcelona has not yet paid the full transfer fee.

Coutinho is unlikely to return to Barca
Coutinho is unlikely to return to Barca

Accordingly, Barca still owes Liverpool up to 84 million pounds in the Coutinho deal. Of this amount, 24 million pounds have to liquidate in the short term, while 60 million pounds will have to be paid in the future. At the time of January 2018, Liverpool understood that the £ 142 million was a large sum of money, and agreed to let Barca “pay in installments” instead of pay in installments.

But the debt has not been paid off, the value of Coutinho is falling to a catastrophic level. Transfermarkt statistics and appraisal page currently assesses the Brazilian player at only £ 63 million, less than half of the huge amount that Barcelona has spent. Worse, Barca is miserable to find the next stop for Coutinho, in order to remove the gauze that was paid to Liverpool club.

For a long time, Philippe Coutinho was treated as a “stepchild” by Barcelona. The most evident proof is that they immediately stripped the Brazilian’s No.7 shirt, handed it to rookie Antoine Griezmann at the time Griezmann had just joined the Nou Camp team.

It was a hard slap on Coutinho‘s self-esteem. Marca sources confirmed that the Barcelona board is seriously considering bringing Philippe Coutinho as part of a contract to sign Lautaro Martinez – who is expected to be Luis Suarez’s replacement in the near future. And at that time, the total value of the Lautaro Martinez deal amounted to 150 million euros.

This 2019/20 season, Lautaro Martinez is one of the most impressive strikers in Europe. The qualities that 22-year-old striker owns is the desire of every team. The striker has great speed, natural killer instinct, a good shot with both feet.

Especially, although only 1m74 high, the ability to jump and play with his head Martinez really respectable. Besides, Lautaro Martinez also showed great ability to combine with Lionel Messi – something that Coutinho did not do.

Lautaro Martinez is Barca's transfer target
Lautaro Martinez is Barca’s transfer target

According to CIES Football Observatory, Lautaro Martinez is known as one of the fastest-growing participants in the world. Just over a year ago, this player was valued at less than £ 30 million but has now been valued at up to £ 90 million.

However, the Transfermarkt site only listed Lautaro Martinez 72 million pounds, or Coutinho only 9 million pounds compared to the valuation. The theory is that, but certainly, Barcelona will have to spend more money on this difference.

For his part, the reunion with Inter Milan promises to help Philippe Coutinho rediscover his top form. As a young player with great potential, Coutinho played for Inter from 2008 to 2013 but only scored 5 goals in 47 matches. During his time at Giuseppe Meazza, Coutinho had two seasons for Inter to be an apprentice at the old clubs Vasco da Gama and Espanyol.
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