Barca Unexpectedly Offered Griezmann: Accept The Error, Welcome Neymar

Catalunya newspaper said Barca can sell Griezmann after just one season.

The bitter fruit is about to name Antoine Griezmann if Barca decides to use him to make a deal for Neymar from PSG.

Accept the error, make a place for Neymar

Sport newspaper in Catalunya recently shocked the readers when it revealed that Barcelona is planning to liquidate striker Antoine Griezmann, after less than a season of the French player playing for the Nou Camp team. The main reason is that they do not want a second Philippe Coutinho.

Barca wants to break up with Griezmann after just 1 season
Barca wants to break up with Griezmann after just 1 season

Griezmann arrived in Barca in the summer of 2019 for 120 million euros after a tumultuous transfer and caused much hatred for his old club Atletico Madrid. That “burning” of Griezmann did not bring anything good: The French striker scored 14 goals in 37 matches but is generally considered the least effective of the trio to attack Messi – Suarez – Griezmann.

Although the first season has always been difficult to integrate and Griezmann is said to still have normal relations with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, the Barca leadership is seriously looking back at the effectiveness of the deal. Griezmann is said to be unsuitable for the left-back position, and if he plays, he is not the type of striker that Barca uses and therefore has not shown anything impressive compared to Suarez.

Sport said Barca did not want to have a second Philippe Coutinho, the Brazilian from Liverpool in early 2018 for a price more expensive than Griezmann but so far completely failed, brought to Bayern Munich and after the season. This is also difficult to regain a place in the Barca team but sold it is not known to sell to anyone. Barca would rather not sell Griezmann right away when he is priced even more to form a Coutinho 2.0 case.

Barca proved quite determined in bringing Neymar back
Barca proved quite determined in bringing Neymar back

The source noted that Barca was decisive in the pursuit of Inter Milan’s Lautaro Martinez, considering Martinez to be the best striker to succeed Suarez, and it would be even better if they persuaded Paris Saint-Germain to Neymar return again. Griezmann simply does not fit the position that Neymar left and can not replace Suarez, the breakup between the two sides will be completely professional.

Griezmann if leaving Barca will still not lack the team invited, although the price will not be less than 100 million euros, in which the Premier League teams like Manchester United or Chelsea will probably look at him. PSG will welcome Griezmann, although the French star once said he did not want to return to his hometown.

Barca “sacrifice” Griezmann: Redeem Neymar to spoil the “boss” Messi?

“From a professional perspective, Neymar is one of the best players in the world and I love his return.” Messi once publicly wanted to be reunited with Neymar in Mundo.

Messi is missing Neymar
Messi is missing Neymar

Not less than once, the Argentine striker urged the board to bring Neymar back to the Nou Camp soon. Therefore, in the heart of President Josep Maria Bartomeu understand that the Brazilian striker is what will make Messi happiest.

However, correcting the mistake when leaving Neymar is not simple. In recent transfers, Barca has done everything it can. PSG still shook its head. Even the Brazilian striker has announced his intention to break up, “rebellion” against the club. But in the end, all still could not move the rich French man.

So far, the Nou Camp team has not surrendered in the plan to bring Neymar back to the Nou Camp. According to new information released from Spain. This time, they are willing to “sacrifice” Antoine Griezmann to achieve the goal.

In fact, this is a very feasible plan for President Bartomeu at the present time. Because after putting Griezmann in according to the agreement, the money “banging” on Neymar will reduce the transfer fee significantly. Meanwhile, PSG also brought in another expensive rookie and no longer have to worry about the noise surrounding the Brazilian star’s future.

Last time, Antoine Griezmann proved to be out of step in attack and especially with Messi. In the defeat to Real at the Super Classic, the French striker was again criticized by Barcelona fans.

They believed he was not worthy of the transfer fee of 120 million euros. But in reality, Griezmann simply did not understand Messi. It was the former Atletico star who once admitted it was difficult to find a common voice with Leo in the attack.

This problem of Griezmann is quite similar to Coutinho, Dembele or Malcolm ever encountered. Because all of these are not enough personality to make a mark like Neymar next to Messi.

Griezmann will be pushed away
Griezmann will be pushed away

Realizing this, the Barca leadership will surely continue to help Lionel Messi and Neymar reunite in the shortest time. By now, even the fans believe that only Neymar can help the Argentine superstar reduce the burden on the club.

Recently, said the Brazilian star is using all means to reunite with defending champion La Liga. Accordingly, the 28-year-old star wants to use FIFA’s rules to escape from binding with PSG. Specifically, according to Articles 14 and 16 of the FIFA transfer law, any player who serves the team for 3 years or more, has the right to redeem the contract before the age of 28. In June this year, Neymar will officially round 3 years with PSG. Therefore, if he can pay 180 million euros to release the contract, he will become a free agent in the summer of 2020.
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