Ballon d’or 2019: Van Dijk praised Messi, internationally mock on Ronaldo

Van Dijk finished the lyrics of Lionel Messi after M10 won the Golden Ball- ballon d’or 2019, and did not forget to “swirl” Cristiano Ronaldo – who was absent from the award Gala.

Ballon d'Or 2019

Golden Ball Award 2019: Messi won the 6th record

The ballon d’or 2019 called Lionel Messi. This is the result that pleases most of the magical world, but many people regret when Virgil Van Dijk did not win the prize. The Dutch center-back only won the Silver Ball after the sublimation season with Liverpool and the Dutch national team.

Ballon d'Or 2019
Van Dijk admitted the result of 2019 after being defeated by Messi in the ballon d’or 2019 race …
Ballon d'Or 2019
and deliberately “swirled” Ronaldo – who was absent from the award Gala

In the media, Van Dijk was not too sad, even praised Messi: “You need to respect the great. I was very close to the Golden Ball- ballon D’or 2019 but there are others who are better.

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I am very proud of what has been achieved with Liverpool, the Netherlands and hope to be able to replicate the same thing in 2020. Of course, that goal is extremely difficult when faced with very good people sitting in here”.

The reporter also took this opportunity to ask Van Dijk about Cristiano Ronaldo: “Ronaldo is not here, so he has eliminated an opponent.” Immediately, the 28-year-old center-back responded wittily: “Is Ronaldo my opponent?”.

Ronaldo is ranked behind Messi and Van Dijk in the Ballon d’Or 2019 race. However, the Portuguese superstar did not attend the award Gala in Paris (France) but instead took part in the awarding Gala “Best Player in Serie A” – where he was honored.

In the past, Ronaldo was also continuously absent in the ballon d’or 2019 Awards 2018 (Luka Modric won) and FIFA The Best 2019 (Messi won). Therefore, many people believe that Van Dijk is trying to tease Ronaldo’s lack of professionalism.

With the title of ballon d’or 2019, Messi has officially surpassed Ronaldo to become the richest player in this noble award. However, in 2020, CR7 still has the opportunity to equalize the record of the great rival if they succeed Juventus in the Champions League, and help Portugal to protect the Euro crown.

Ronaldo 2 years missed the Golden Ball: Regret leaving Real, starting to get bored of Juventus?

Ronaldo had 2 consecutive years missed QBV and proved bored by not being recorded.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid from the summer of 2018 to move to Juventus, and although he is not at the peak of his performance in previous years, he is still a valuable player in the Juve squad. However, CR7 is no longer excited about the adventure in Turin.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has missed the Golden Ball- Ballon d'Or 2019 for 2 years and is unlikely to have the next opportunity.
Cristiano Ronaldo has missed the Golden Ball- ballon d’or 2019 for 2 years and is unlikely to have the next opportunity

According to Tuttosport in Turin, Ronaldo has started to express his regret for deciding to leave the Bernabeu because at Juventus, although he is still respected, his recognition of Real is still much bigger than in Serie A. The competition in La Liga and the title dispute with Barcelona and individual Lionel Messi made Ronaldo more appreciated by the international public opinion.

In the last Ballon d’Or 2019, Ronaldo ended up in third place while Messi won and Virgil Van Dijk received the second-highest number of votes according to statistics published by France Football magazine. Ronaldo had a bad 2018 when he won the Champions League, and he conquered the Serie A & UEFA Nations League in 2019, but both years Ronaldo was not appreciated by voters.

Not only that, Ronaldo began to annoy with Juventus after he left the stadium after being replaced by coach Maurizio Sarri. The incident has calmed down but it is because the Juventus side has a very determined attitude of asking Ronaldo to apologize, showing that this club is even stricter than Real in dealing with top stars, not pairs. while serving him as much as the Royal team.

Ronaldo has a contract with Juventus until 2022 and according to Tuttosport, the intention of CR7 seems to be playing for “Old Lady” until the expiry of the contract and then retiring. He has no intention of moving to another club at the moment and does not want to continue after finishing with Juve. 

Hopefully, in the future, Ronaldo would gain recognition and affection from the football fans able be able to bring a surge in the Ballon d’Or 2019 ward.

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