Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe Prediction | J.League | 06/19

Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe prediction: 8 wins after 18 matches helps rookie Avispa Fukuoka dignified to take 5th place on the rankings. Welcoming Vissel Kobe, who is chasing after them, is a challenge for Hasebe’s students’ bravery. The home-field advantage and excitement are the basis for believing in positive results for Avispa Fukuoka.


  • Match date: 04:00 am on 2021/06/19
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 18th
  • Location: Level-5 Stadium






Avispa Fukuoka right in the first season winning promotion has become a dark horse. After a relatively hard start, Hasebe’s students rose to great strength with 5 victories in the last 7 rounds. Notably, these are all victories with a minimal difference against fierce opponents such as FC Tokyo, Reysol or Urawa. In addition to the resilient fighting spirit, solid defense and sharp counter-attack are the highlights. In the last 10/11 matches in all competitions, Fukuoka is unbeaten, scoring 14 goals but only conceding 7 times. With an average of fewer than 2 goals per game. With what Avispa Fukuoka has shown, it is not surprising that the next match is scarce.

Vissel Kobe is 1 point behind the home team Fukuoka and has the most pragmatic play this season. 22 goals and 17 goals conceded after 17 matches, Vissel Kobe is among the 6 teams to concede the least. They are also the team to score the fewest goals in the top 6. Vissel Kobe’s average away game is only 2.2 goals, 9 marches only received 2 defeats. After reaching the quarter-finals of the Emperor’s Cup, coach Thóten Fink’s students are heading to the Asian Cup. The recent form is very stable, 3/4 rounds are unbeaten, including the victory on the field of Kashiwa. With having to be a guest, it is predictable that Vissel Kobe will bring a pragmatic face.

The two teams are not appreciated for their ability to attack while both have a solid play. The correlation of forces is quite balanced, so the struggle is inevitable. On the other hand, it is directly competing for a position on the rankings, safety will be given top priority.

Select: Under FT.


The record against Vissel Kobe is completely overwhelming, but the last time the two teams met was 5 years ago. Avispa Fukuoka, despite being a rookie, immediately left an impression. The position in the top 5 is an affirmation of the team’s ambition. Meanwhile, Vissel Kobe with the tradition and experience of fighting many seasons in the J-League is ranked in the upper position.

Avispa Fukuoka is maintaining an extremely stable winning streak, 5 wins in the last 7 rounds are very impressive. On the other side, Vissel’s performance has a downward trend, the last 5 rounds only had 1 win but suffered 2 defeats. It can be seen that each side has its own advantages, the eight-pounder is the correct assessment of this match.

Vissel Kobe’s recent away record is not very impressive, they only have 1 win in 3 matches but lost 2 matches. With promotion momentum and home-field advantage, at least 1 point for Avispa Fukuoka is a worthy choice to put your trust in.

Select: Avispa Fukuoka FT.


The European odds rate does not underestimate the ability of the two teams to split points. The statistics show the balance between the two sides, Avispa Fukuoka has the home-field advantage while Vissel Kobe is slightly better in class. The ability of the attack to cause mutations is not high while no one wants to be empty-handed before the competition.

Select: Draw FT.


There is no lack of prudence and pragmatism from both sides. What the two teams have shown is difficult to expect in an open game. Entering slowly and satisfied with 1 point in the 2nd half is a very likely scenario.

Avispa Fukuoka vs Vissel Kobe prediction: Avispa Fukuoka 1 – 1 Vissel Kobe FT (0-0 H1).


Avispa Fukuoka: Murakami, Salomonsson, Shichi, Kanamori, Tatsuki, Grolli, Hiroyuki, Tanabe, John Mary, Sugimoto, Mendes.

Vissel Kobe: Maekawa, Sakai, Yamakawa, Nakasaka, Vermaelen, Kikuchi, Yuta Goke, Yamaguchi, Furuhashi, Inoue, Sasaki.

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