Australia vs Oman Prediction | World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC | 10/07

Australia vs Oman Prediction | World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC | 10/07

Australia vs Oman prediction: It is perhaps no exaggeration that Australia is the team that maintains stability in play along with the best performance since the beginning of the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign to date. The yellow jersey team is still having a series of extremely satisfying victories. They only have to face Oman in the first match of this gathering, they are expected to continue to show the best of them.


  • Match date: 07:30 p.m – 2021/10/07
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd
  • Location: Khalifa International Stadium



The 3 points obtained at My Dinh against Vietnam in the second round of the third qualifying round of Group B in Asia was the 10th consecutive victory that Australia has had since the beginning of the campaign so far. The representative of the land of kangaroos shows a respectable squad depth and an extremely rich quality of expertise. The difference has always helped Australia to be one of the typical names of the AFC region since joining and they will certainly show their best in the near future.

Meanwhile, with Oman, the team created the first surprise of this year’s WC 3rd qualifying round after they defeated a very strong name, Japan, right away on the opening day. Despite having suffered defeat to Saudi Arabia soon after, what Oman has done has also been very positive. However, having to clash with Australia on the first day of this gathering is clearly an extremely difficult problem for them. The match in which the home team will certainly still show dominance in terms of gameplay and the possibility of many goals will appear.

Select: Over 2.5 FT.


With superior class and home advantage, Oman is still the team that receives the trust of experts compared to Oman in this match. In general, holding a lot of advantages will help the home team easily deploy their ball control game. Oman in general is still just a mid-range name of the Asian region in recent years. Their force does not have too many prominent names, which often makes them not have much basis to create fairness with the big guys. Even so, Oman’s defense organization will still be one of the things that will help them get more attention. It was this pragmatic style of competition that helped the guests create a surprise before Japan on the opening day of the competition.

Australia vs Oman Prediction

Certainly, Australia will also need to pay attention to this and have solutions to avoid the risks to be taken. They will more or less still have a lot of motivation to aim for victory in the next match to prolong the series of sublimation matches. Statistics show that Oman is not a team with a poor away record. This team has gone through their last 12 trips away from home without suffering a single defeat. Obviously, Australia needs to be cautious even if they are also in impressive home form. The advantage from personnel is probably the biggest difference between the two teams in the next match. If they can make good use of what they have, 3 points can hardly escape the hands of Australia.

Select: Australia FT.


European handicap is also a small advantage for Australia. Surely this is a time when Australia will need to show their bravery. The fact that they are still maintaining a very good form makes them seem to be able to open up their calculations against an uncomfortable Oman and find an advantage in the upcoming match.

Australia vs Oman Prediction

Select: Australia FT.

Australia vs Oman Prediction: Australia 3-0 Oman FT (2-0 H1).


Australia: Ryan, Sainsbury, Smith, Grant, Souttar, Hrustic, Irvine, Mabil, Rogic, McGree, Taggart.

Oman: Al Rashidi, Al Khamisi, Al Harthi, Al Busaidi, Al Habs, Fawaz, Al Yahyaei, Al Aghbari, Al Mandhar, Al Saadi, Al Hajri.

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