ATP, WTA Publish Financial Support Package For Players

The ATP, WTA publishes single players from 101 to 500, receiving 8,732 USD, while the doubles players ranked 51 to 175 receive 2,183 USD.

The total support amount of the Association of Tennis Professionals, Women’s Tennis Association (ATP, WTA), the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and the Grand Slam tournament organizers amount to 6 million USD. Doubles players will receive immediate support, while single doubles will receive $ 8,732 in two installments, half each.

ATP, WTA publishes financial support package

The “Big 3” group, including Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer, is said to call for $ 1.1 million in support of ATP, WTA, ITF, and Grand Slam tournaments. While ATP and WTA want to limit the number of players supported, ATP Council of Players Novak Djokovic wants many colleagues to help. Djokovic’s desire is that players ranked 500th to 700th are also supported, but ATP, WTA currently do not consider this group to be a priority list.

ATP WTA Publish Financial Support Package For Players
Professional tennis will not take place before August

Supported players can receive up to $ 10,503 in two installments if they attend six ATP, WTA, and at least one Grand Slam from March 2019 to the present. Those who earned at least $ 350,000 in the past 12 months, or $ 1.4 million in the past four years, will not be supported.

ATP WTA Publish Financial Support Package For Players
Nearly 800 players are financially supported

After Le Parisien and L’Equipe announced details of support packages from ATP, WTA, some top 100 players were unhappy. Most of this group must deduct a small portion of their income to support low-ranking colleagues. “I don’t think the ATP favors the players paying other people,” says Reilly Opelka, the 39th tennis player in the world. “We are no different than a 100% pay cut. That said, but I still support the fund. I know many players outside the top 100 still have to pay coaches and fitness experts. But the top 500 players. , I think they’re saving money because they don’t have to travel. “

800 players are financially supported

Association of Tennis Professionals, Women’s Tennis Association (ATP, WTA), with the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Australian, French, American, and British Tennis Associations – the owners of the Grand Slam Quartet – are organizations Contribute to the relief program.

With $ 6 million raised and 800 expected players, each person will receive $ 7,500 on average. But the support money will be divided according to the ranking position and the prize income, in the direction that the poor players will receive more.

ATP WTA Publish Financial Support Package For Players
The tournaments were canceled, causing many players to struggle

In addition to the $ 6 million contributed by the seven tennis organizations, the support fund may increase in the future, thanks to external sources such as partners, sponsors, high-level players ( direct play or auction of items …)

“The creation of a relief program is a positive testament to the solidarity of this sport in times of crisis,” the announcement on the ATP homepage on 6/5 contained. “We will continue to collaborate and support tennis, to ensure the survival and sustainable development of this sport amid unprecedented challenges in history.”

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