Coronavirus: Asean Basketball League delayed 21 matches in March

Singapore Slinger’s general manager Michael Johnson and player Leon Kwek in the Asean Basketball League match against Taipei Fubon Braves at OCBC Arena on February 9, 2020. On the left is coach Neo Beng Siang.

Coronavirus widespread is causing Asean Basketball League postponed 21 matches in March, 4 matches of Slingers affected

Asean Basketball League

Initial plans were broken

Schedule for the 2019-2020 season

Asean Basketball League

The Asean Basketball League Federation has officially published the release of the entire schedule for the 2019-2020 season, which will start on November 16, 2019.

The launch Fubon Braves is set to host Macau Black Bears on an opening day at the Taipei Heping Basketball Hall in Taipei City. Tipoff is scheduled at 4:00 PM (local time).

The 10 participating teams are expected to play 26 games during the regular season with the last set of games to be played on March 29, 2019. The teams are scheduled by dividing into two groups based on geography.

The first group listed as Saigon Heat, San Miguel Alab Pilipinas, Singapore Slingers, Mono Vampire, and Westports Malaysia Dragons. The remaining group includes Fubon Braves, Formosa Dreamers, Hong Kong East, Macau Black Bears and Wolf Warriors.

Each team will face opposing teams in their group four times while facing teams from other groups only twice. The teams are divided for planning purposes.

Asean Basketball League 2018 champion San Miguel Alab Pilipinas will play his first match against Mono Vampire on November 17, 2019. The match will also mark Jason Brickman’s first match against his former team.

Asean Basketball League All-Time 10 honored Steven Thomas will return to ABL on November 23, 2019, when the Wolf Warrior holds a match against Macau Black Bears.

Marcus Elliott will face his former Hong Kong Eastern team on January 31, 2020, when the Singapore Slingers visit the East in Wan Chai.

Future of the ASEAN Basketball League  this season

SINGAPORE – When the Asean Basketball League Federation (ABL) first announced a delay of 15 matches due to coronavirus status this month, the Singapore Slingers were the only one of the 10 participating teams to avoid interrupting their schedules, but no more.

Asean Basketball League

In a statement issued on Wednesday, February 26, ABL announced it would host another 21 matches next month. These include Slingers’ home match against Formosa Dreamers on Sunday, and away matches from Saigon Heat (March 10 and 22) and Macau Wolf Warriors (March 12).

ABL said Asean Basketball League will abide by all travel restrictions imposed by member governments and also continue to “work with all teams to find the best solution to continue making the basketball game followed” in the most responsible way. “

It is understood that ABL is committed to ending the season and is exploring options for playing games at neutral venues in Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

Slingers – general manager Michael Johnson explained to The Straits Times: “We are disappointed that we were forced by Formosa to postpone the match at home on Sunday, but we need to respect and follow ABL’s decision. about this. “

He added that tickets purchased for this Sunday’s match will be valid for the re-arranged match and if the fans are unable to perform later, they are entitled to a full refund. Their next game is now a match with the Kuala Lumpur dragons on March 6.

The Slingers lost their last two matches and saw center-back Anthony McClain aggravate a leg injury in the Dragons’ 77-68 defeat on Sunday last week when they were stuck in seventh place with seven wins and nine losses.

But Johnson rejected the notion that they could do anything with rest to regroup.

He also explained: “Maybe it’s a personal reward for McClain because he has more time to get ready for our next game, but as a team, we’re always ready to play.”

He admits they were disappointed with their recent performance “because we were out of sync and not playing as a team”.

But he stressed that there was no need to panic, explaining: “If you look at the table, other than the Mono Vampire leaders, all the other teams have lost at least six matches. competitive and interesting, and any team can win regardless of their seed when the playoffs come. “

Meanwhile, the World Men’s Basketball Championship (WFC) qualifying tournament for the Asia-Oceania region, held in Bangkok, was canceled due to corona virus.

The International Basketball Federation (IFF) then announced on Tuesday that the top four teams in the region – the world’s 16th in Singapore, Australia (13th), Thailand (14th) and Japan (17th) ) – will be eligible directly for December 4-12 in WFC in Helsinki, Finland.

The IFF said the Thai Hockey Association would not be able to host the event because of a quarantine directive from the Thai Ministry of Public Health for those returning or from affected countries.

It also reported that the withdrawal of support from Thailand National Sports University for Bangkok Arena activities and venues as a reason for canceling the Asean Basketball League tournament.

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