Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction | 2021/01/10 | Bundesliga

The latest match of the 15th round of the Bundesliga 2020-2021 will be between Arminia Bielefeld and Hertha Berlin. Let’s follow Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction.

Both of them need to win to have an advantage in their relegation race, but the joy probably does not come to the home team this match.

Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction


  • Match date: 17:30 pm on Sunday 10th January 2021
  • Event: Bundesliga
  • Stage: Matchday 15th


Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction:

Asian handicap Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.5

  • Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin handicap for the whole match: 1.83 / 0.5 / -2.04
  • Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin 1st half handicap: 1.72 / 0.25 / -2.08

Considering this season alone, Arminia Bielefeld has played a total of 6 matches at home. The results that Arminia Bielefeld earned were 2 wins and 4 losses. The win rate is 33.3%. So this team only earns about 6 points.

Considering the last 5 home matches, Arminia Bielefeld’s performance is not good. The number of defeats they have in hand is 4. In contrast, Arminia Bielefeld has won 1. Therefore the home-field loss rate in this series is 80%.

In the opposite direction, Hertha Berlin showed instability with the last 5 away matches. Specifically, Hertha Berlin won her 1 win. Hertha Berlin’s respective win rate is 20%. It is worth mentioning that in the remaining 4 matches, Hertha Berlin had to receive 2 draws and 2 losses.

In the next match,  Hertha Berlin Team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick: Hertha Berlin –

Over Under  

Odds: 2.5

Looking at the last 5 home matches of Arminia Bielefeld, stability is not shown on the attack. Specifically, the number of goals that Arminia Bielefeld has scored stopped at number 4. On average, they earned 0.8 goals per match. In terms of defense, 10 is the number of goals that Arminia Bielefeld has received.

Looking at the last 5 away matches Hertha Berlin has played, the attack is effective. 6 is the total number of goals that Hertha Berlin has earned, reaching performance of 1.2 goals per game. Also, the defense is not playing well when losing 7 goals. The average number of goals lost per match is 1.4

Therefore, our expert believes that Over will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction:  Over 

Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction

Final Scores: Arminia Bielefeld vs Hertha Berlin Prediction 

In the final rounds of 2020, Bielefeld has made great progress in terms of achievement when having 2 wins in the last 5 matches, compared to only 1 victory during the previous 8 rounds. Thanks to these 2 victories, they rose to 16th place on the rankings with 10 points and only 1 point behind the safe group.

Meanwhile, the deeper the season, the more Hertha Berlin revealed their shortcomings when in the last 5 rounds they only got 1 victory and also had to receive 1 defeat. With 13 points, they have temporarily ranked 14th on the rankings and only 3 points ahead of the relegated group.

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • Arminia Bielefeld 0-1 Hertha Berlin (1st Half).
  • Arminia Bielefeld 1-2 Hertha Berlin (Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting

  • Odds from CMD368: 3.50 * 2.00 * 3.45
  • Select: Hertha Berlin to win (Full Time)

Although she has not been in good shape last time and has to play away from home in this match, Hertha Berlin has a huge fulcrum from history. Specifically, in the last 5 meetings between the two teams, Hertha Berlin was completely unbeaten and up to 3 wins.

The last time Bielefeld won against Hertha Berlin was 14 years ago. With such disadvantages, it will be difficult for Bielefeld to get points in this match.

The odds are set by CMD368 bookmaker in this match is 3.50 * 2.00 * 3.45. The above rate corresponds to the results of Arminia Bielefeld’s win, loss, and draw.