Anthony Smith coach received criticism from the boxers

Brave, Daredevil, or irresponsible, there are the argumentative surrounding Anthony Smith coaching team responsibility in the defeat of UFC Fight Night 171. 

The comeback of the old Glover Teixeira

Not a big event with famous names, but UFC Fight Night 171 still receives great attention from the world MMA community. Because all are impressed with the way that old Glover Teixeira defeated young boxers 9 years younger than him Anthony Smith.

Despite the favorable opening of what Anthony Smith has like health, bodybuilding, wise fighting style, Anthony Smith quickly dominated the first half of the match UFC Fight Night 171. However, with tactics and Anthony Smith’s habit of taking blows caused him to pay for his own actions. Glover Teixeira defeated his 9-year-old opponent with knock-out punches. 

Anthony Smith and 3 rounds only bear the match against Glover Teixeira.
Anthony Smith and 3 rounds only bear the match against Glover Teixeira.

Taking advantage of the second half, Teixeira did not give Smith a chance to protest whether the match was standing or lying on the floor. According to statistics from UFC Fight Night, “The Lion Hearts” only released 1 attack in the 3rd and 5th rounds before receiving more than 60 attacks from Glover Teixeira. Before that situation, referee Jason Herzog was forced to intervene to ensure the safety of American boxers.

Anthony Smith is coaching staff was criticized 

For many audiences, Smith’s resolute refusal to surrender is a commendable spirit. But many ideas that keeping the game to maintain such a one-way situation are too dangerous. In particular, the Smith training team is partly responsible.

The first person to speak up on this issue was Michael Bisping, a former UFC Fight Night 171 middleweight champion who thought referee Jason Herzog’s intervention was too late. “When I saw that match, I had to say, Please stop this game. 

Both referees and Smith’s corner should do it. I love MMA and am confident that we have caught up with Boxing in stopping the match to ensure the safety of boxers. ” – Bisping said.

According to Bisping, the referee's decision is still too late.
According to Bisping, the referee’s decision is still too late.

Besides Bisping, the two boxers and commentators present at UFC Fight Night 171, Daniel Cormier and Paul Felder, also criticized the way Anthony Smith’s coaching staff protected their boxers.

Anthony Smith has shown his stubbornness, surely he will not give up. As for the referees, he had a chance to stop the match but didn’t. ” – Felder commented. “Not to mention entering the fifth round, Smith’s team should have said that he wasn’t really as good as I thought.”

“We have an obligation to hold them accountable to their boxers, and I think Smith’s coach hasn’t done it tonight.” – Daniel Cormier said.

According to Bisping, the referee's decision is still too late.
According to Bisping, the referee’s decision is still too late.

In the middle of the match yesterday, Anthony Smith even had to pick up the broken tooth to give to the referee. A situation that can get a lot of spectators in the audience, and for Michael Bisping, it’s a sign that the game should be stopped.

“The situation of the game showed that Smith could not reverse the situation, the referee should intervene. To the point where you have to pick up the teeth and give it to them, it’s a clearer sign that everything should end. ” -Bisping confirmed.

In the MMA, the law allows referees, fighters, or team members to apply for a stop if they feel that the fighter cannot continue to play. However, due to the “emotional” factor, many referee cases have been criticized for intervening too late causing unnecessary injuries.

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