Announced When The Premier Tournament Is Allowed To Play Again

Last night (May 11), the British Government issued a 50-page document to lift the social order to relax the country, and “green light” for the Premier Tournament can return from June 1.

Announced When The Premier Tournament Is Allowed To Play Again

Announced when the Premier Tournament is allowed to play again

Reportedly, this 50-page document includes 5 steps to bring activities in the foggy country back to normal after the global pandemic. Sport is in step 2 of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap, which mentions that sports tournaments can be returned in June with all the matches taking place in the closed stadium. Confidentiality until community safety is guaranteed.

“Cultural and sporting events that take place without an audience and are broadcast live and will have to avoid large-scale social exposure,” quoted an excerpt from a document entitled ‘Planning. our return: British Government’s pandemic restoration strategy. ‘

Some other contents of the document include: “Some crowded places and places where it is difficult to prove the distance may still not be able to be safely resumed at this time or can only be opened safely. However, the Government wanted to open up more businesses and public places when the data and information at that time allowed.

In order to facilitate the quickest reopening of business types in public places with the highest risks, the Government will be careful in each period and re-open a pilot of some places to test the ability to apply the new pandemic security guidelines. “

The matches will take place on the neutral ground that many teams oppose
The matches will take place on the neutral ground that many teams oppose

In parallel with the signal allowed by the British government, the Premier League organizer is pursuing a plan to “restart the season”. Before the announcement of the return of sports on June 1, the plan to bring the Premier Tournament back was on June 12 and matches were played on neutral ground.

Although it took place on the pitch without the audience, it is expected that every Premier Tournament match will have about 300 people including 72 members of the two teams, 12 members of the arbitration team (including supervisor, VAR, eyes of hawks), 3 of the organizer, 16 match staff and 130 reporters.

The British government “green light” for the Premier League season back is pressing for the team. According to the tournament’s chief executive, Richard Masters, every club opposes a neutral playing plan. Also according to Mr. Masters, the organizer of the Premier Tournament will lobby the Government in the next negotiations taking place this week to try to persuade them to change plans.

The government may allow clubs to use their own stadium, but the teams will have to convince them about security and safety in the negotiations is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Premier League consider the end of the season, recognition of Liverpool champion

In an online meeting yesterday, FA Chairman Greg Clarke told Premier Tournament teams that the FA will not allow the cancellation of the results of the current campaign, but considers ending the season prematurely due to the global pandemic pattern is still unregulated and the Brighton club has only discovered a third positive case.

Liverpool can be recognized as the champion
Liverpool can be recognized as the champion

According to Clarke, the Liverpool club can be awarded the championship, while the three current winners will receive relegation tickets. It is widely reported that the teams at the bottom of the table, Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich, strongly disagree with the intent of the FA, but the head of the organization confirmed it would invoke the power of the FA to make a final announcement.

This is the first time 20 clubs have discussed ending the season in their regular meetings to find a way to deal with the pandemic.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said: “It is still a really strong collective will for the season to be completed. However, this is the first time we have discussed the end soon. Obviously, our goal is to have the campaign completed, but it’s important to discuss all options with the teams. “

“The content of the discussion must be kept confidential. What I can say is that all talks are about the end of the season. No conclusions have been made yet. Those are the future conversations we may need to have”, Mr. Masters added.