Andorra vs Hungary Prediction | World Cup Qualif. UEFA | 03/31

Andorra vs Hungary prediction – In the 3rd match of Group I, Andorra welcomed the team that had just won the right to attend Euro – Hungary. 0-1 defeat at home to Albania partly shows Andorra’s weakness. In contrast, the visitors got 1 point against the Polish seed team by a dramatic 3-3 draw.

Andorra vs Hungary Prediction


  • Match date: 6:45 pm on 03/31/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif. UEFA
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd



Andorra vs Hungary Prediction




Andorra is falling behind, making them always seen as a passerby on the old continent. The recent performance is very poor, the last 12 games drew 3 but lost 9 games, scored 4 goals and conceded 27 times. Enough numbers tell how large the difference between them and the common ground is. 

In addition to the 0-7 defeat to Portugal, they also lost to the most underrated teams, such as 0-5 against Latvia, 1-3 against Malta or 0-2 against Faroe. The attack was too loose and lacked determination, adding another shattered defeat was no surprise.


Hungary did not have many opportunities when Group I had the presence of England and Poland. However, after winning tickets to the Euro and a 3-3 draw with Poland on the day of the army, coach Marco Rossi and his students are the factors that can make the surprise. The gameplay is even with the attack point, especially exploding in the two play-offs to beat Bulgaria 3-1 and Iceland 2-1. 

Stable performance also helped Hungary gain promotion to League A after overcoming Russia, Turkey and Serbia. With an impressive performance and growing ambitions, a jubilant victory over Andorra is hard to stop.

Andorra vs Hungary Prediction


The visitors, completely overwhelmingly in all aspects, have a positive motivation to play. The game is very easy to open for quality Hungarian strikers to shoot, especially after the opening score. Hungary 4 times met in the past with 11 goals against Andorra.

Select: Over FT


The difference is too clear, Hungary has won 3/4 times before with a total score of 11-1. The quality of the squad and the rich gameplay is the difference of Hungary.

The recent performance is also very opposite, Andorra lost 9/12 matches, even Latvia or Malta can bury them. In the opposite direction, Hungary is unbeaten for 7 consecutive matches, including 4 very important victories to win tickets to the Euro after many years of waiting. The high spirit helped Hungary enter the World Cup qualifiers in an exciting way, the 3-3 draw with Poland clearly showed that.

The home field advantage, but the gap in strength and performance is less than that of the opponent, Andorra is hard to avoid failure. Hungarian uniformity and euphoria are reliable choices.

Andorra vs Hungary prediction: Hungary FT.


Andorra can not afford to keep the game with fragile defense. On the visitors’ side, meeting a weak opponent is an opportunity for them to accumulate the difference right after the opening whistle. The first half was not surprising when Hungary soon imposed the game and concretized with the goal.

Select: Hungary H1.


The European handicap shows that the house highly appreciates the ability of the away team to win all 3 points. Meet the weakest player in the group, the Hungarian option is undisputed. Surprise is hard to happen when looking at Andorra’s weak gameplay.

Select: Hungary FT

Andorra vs Hungary Prediction


What the two teams showed signaled a 1-way game and opened after a goal. Hungary’s excited strikers certainly do not miss the opportunity to get good marks. Getting up early in the first half and the number of the next goals is a very easy scenario.

Andorra vs Hungary prediction: Andorra 0 – 3 Hungary FT (Andorra 0 – 1 Hungary H1)


Andorra: Gomes, Garcia, Llovera, Rubio, San Nicolás, Rebés, Pujol, Vieira, Clemente, Martínez, Aláez.

Hungary: Antonis, Stefanos, Alexandros, Konstantinos, Odysseas, Dimitrios, Ioannis, Giannis, Georgios, Marious, Anastasios.

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