America MG vs Atletico-MG Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 07/10

America MG vs Atletico-MG Prediction: America MG has not been able to get themselves a safe place on the rankings. America MG’s goal when entering the 11th round is definitely to win to be able to improve the ranking. However, the opponent they face is an Atletico-MG that is not easy to play.

America MG vs Atletico-MG Prediction


  • Match date: 07:00 pm on 2021/07/10
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 11th
  • Location: Arena Independência






America MG will be played at the home stadium, Estádio Raimundo Sampaio. But this fulcrum does not help America MG be appreciated.

America MG’s form in the last 5 matches: L W W D D

America MG’s performance this season has not been appreciated. Having gone through 10 matches, the number of defeats they have to receive is 5. Thus, America MG’s loss rate is 50%. Not only that, they can only win 2 meager matches. Draw 3 more times, America MG owns only 9 points. That result is making Coelho 15th on the rankings.

America MG’s recent performance is relatively stable. In the last 5 matches played, America MG earned 4 consecutive unbeaten matches with the result of 2 wins, 2 draws. However, with the match in the last 10 round, the students of coach Cauan Almeida had to admit defeat. It was a strong 0-4 defeat as a guest of Fortaleza. Despite accepting half of this match, America MG still lost the bet.

America MG vs Atletico-MG Prediction

Atletico-MG’s form in the last 5 matches:  W W W L L

Looking at the Brazilian Serie A rankings at the moment, Atletico-MG is giving themselves a higher rank than the opponent. Also played a total of 10 matches but Atletico-MG earned 6 wins. In addition, with one more draw, the number of points in the hand of this team is 17. On average, Atletico-MG earns 1.7 points per match. Currently, Alvinegro is in the top 4 teams and is only 3 points behind the top position.

Therefore, Santos needs to quickly improve their performance away from home. Looking at their last 5 matches, stability is showing at a relative level. The number of wins that Santos has is 2 matches, besides that there are 2 draws. Only one time when Santos conceded defeat was when they faced America MG. Recently, when welcoming Athletico-PR at home, Santos won 2-1.

Select: Atletico-MG FT.


America MG has an ineffective attack this season. After 10 rounds, the total number of goals scored by America MG was only 9. Meanwhile, the defense had to receive 15 goals. Average 1 game to concede 1.5 times.

In the opposite direction, Atletico-MG showed a more effective face in the attack. 13 is Atletico-MG’s total goals after 10 matches, reaching a rate of 1.3 goals/match. On the contrary, the defense still plays quite solid. The number of goals they conceded was 9.

With Over/Under 2.25, America MG’s last 5 matches have won 3 Under times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. On the side of Atletico-MG, Under won twice in the last 5 matches they attended.

Select: Under 2.25 FT.


Looking at the confrontation history between the two teams, it can be seen that Atletico-MG is overwhelmingly strong in terms of results. With 36 encounters, Atletico-MG has earned themselves 19 victories. It is worth mentioning that this team only lost 3 times. Thus, there were 13 matches between the two teams drawn.

Considering the last 5 matches the two teams competed in, Atletico-MG also had the upper hand when still unbeaten. Instead, Atletico-MG earned themselves 3 wins and 2 draws. With the last match, the two teams were goalless.

Select: Atletico-MG FT.

Rosenborg vs Kristiansund Prediction: America MG 0-1 Atletico-MG FT (0-1 H1).

America MG vs Atletico-MG Prediction

The above is information about the prediction in the 11th match between America MG vs Atletico-MG of Brasileiro Serie A on 2021/07/10 of the CMD368 bookie.