Alexander Nuebel and curse Sepp Maier

Alexander Nuebel, a goalkeeper with a height of 1m93, matures in Schalke’s shirt and then moves to Bayern to look forward to replacing Manuel Neuer in the future. However, people fear that Alexander Nuebel‘s backup life will last longer because Neuer is following the path of the legendary Sepp Maier.

There are many questions being asked around Alexander Nuebel
There are many questions being asked around Nuebel


At the end of June, Bayern Munich welcomed young goalkeeper Alexander Nuebel with a contract with a term of up to 5 years. Nuebel is considered by German professionals as the perfect successor to Manuel Neuer in both Bayern and Germany in the future.

Alexander Nuebel is 1m93 tall (equal to Neuer), long arm span, extremely good ball catcher and is also a goalkeeper model in the form of a leader. In the first half of the Bundesliga 2019/20, Nuebel wore the captain’s armband of Schalke. After asserting that he would not renew Schalke’s contract and aiming to join Bayern Munich, Nuebel decided to hand the captain’s armband to midfielder Omar Mascarell.

Former Kahn goalkeeper (small photo) thinks that Alexander Nuebel (right) will be difficult to take Neuer's position in a few years.
Former Kahn goalkeeper (small photo) thinks that Nuebel (right) will be difficult to take Neuer’s position in a few years.

There are many similarities between Alexander Nuebel and Neuer. Both grew up from Schalke and then moved to Bayern Munich at the maturity of their careers. Both are role models of goalkeepers with strength, superior height, the domination of the box and the ability to direct defence. It looks like Nuebel will be the perfect replacement for Neuer.

Neuer at present has yet to show any signs of fatigue and age-related errors. Legendary German football goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn, based on experience also confirmed Neuer can play well for many years to come.

In the past, Bayern Munich once owned a goalkeeper that was considered a nightmare of Sepp Maier’s juniors. This legendary goalkeeper captured 442 consecutive matches for Bayern in a period lasting up to 13 years, causing 10 other Gray Lobster goalkeepers to just sit and polish the bench. During Maier’s 13 peak years, Bayern brought a lot of goalkeepers to the reserve, but all had to sit out so much that they lost their talents.


Will Alexander Nuebel fall into the old nightmare of goalkeepers waiting for Sepp Maier to lose talent when Neuer can completely prolong the series of days standing in the wooden frame of Bayern Munich for another 3-4 years? Entirely possible.

Nuebel lost far behind Neuer in passing the ball
Nuebel lost far behind Neuer in passing the ball

From the position of captain of Schalke, with a bright future to the name of attention in Germany, Alexander Nuebel chose to join Bayern Munich just to be on the bench. But miserable, if only a few dozen games in a season, it is acceptable, but the possibility that Nuebel has to reserve up to a few years is visible. Will Nuebel’s talent and enthusiasm remain intact after 2-3 years?

That is not to mention the level of Alexander Nuebel in the eyes of professionals is still very far away from Neuer. Nuebel is a traditional goalkeeper model, while Neuer has taken the concept of the goalkeeper to new heights both literally and figuratively. Neuer is also rated for his ability to make a better decision than Nuebel. Having to hide under Neuer’s shadow will also give Nuebel a lot of pressure.

However, on the positive side, playing in the same team as Neuer will help Alexander Nuebel learn from the big brother of his career. When given the chance, I hope Nuebel will make good use of it so that the Germans have another good goalkeeper.