Ahiru no Sora: Promising basketball anime after the Kuroko era

Recently, the official website of the Ahiru no Sora Basketball tv set is based on a manga with the name of the author Takeshi Hinata also has related to the official visual of the movie. the anime series is expected to be released this October by the production studio of diomedea.

General information

  • Anime name: Ahiru no Sora Basketball  (roughly translated)
  • Volumes: 12
  • Release year: 2019
  • Studio: Diomédea
  • Genre: sports, school, humor, romance
  • Adapted from the manga series also named by artist Hinata Takeshi.

Introduce content

In this Ahiru no Sora Basketball film, there is the Kuzuryuu high school boys’ basketball team is composed of rogue elements, from bear heads to metamorphosis. For some reason, a young man who loves basketball the most in the world like Kurumatani Sora gets lost in it. In order to bring the team into the training machine, play seriously, Sora did not know what to do. But the young heart still doesn’t give up even a little bit.

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Everything seemed to change when Sora challenged the student group and showed off his excellent technique on the field. Sora Kurumatani is known as a great Shooting Guard at Kuzuryu High School. The boy is an expert at throwing 3 as well as the ability to see teammates to make extremely delicate passes.

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Why is it attractive?

A special feature that attracts viewers of the series is the “Dwarf can play ball” element as the young boy Sora is only one and a half meters tall – much lower than the average height of the playing players. this sport.

Sora is portrayed as a player with a modest height, a slim body, a boy who laughs and is always the focus of teasing not only from teammates but also opponents on the field. Will the boy give up his basketball love when he encounters such barriers in the school environment or will he continue to stand up and change his teammates?


1/ Kurumatani Sora

Male student in grade 10, 1m49 high but often “exploded” is 1m65, patient, iron-headed, persistent. Sora is bullied regularly as thugs in the district. Every time he turned on the bullies and bravely declared they would slowly die. The result is 200 defeats 200 times. But once he got on the pitch, he didn’t know if his demons or powers were strong.

2/ Hanazono Chiaki

11th-grade male student, big and big general, hobbies: girls, peeking at the women’s locker room, … In the basketball club, Chiaki is not much interested in basketball. It seems that in the past, he had some unkind memories of this sport.

3/ Hanazono Momoharu

Grade 11 male student, Chiaki’s twin brother, specializes in fighting, fighting. Also with his brother, the two created a pair of a theocratic killing couple that both teachers had to be wary of.

4/ Yabuuchi Madoka

Grade 11 girls, belonging to the women’s basketball team, the hot girl of the block is crushed by many people. She is very serious about basketball and because of that, gives Sora pepper guy a certain admiration.

Ahiru no Sora: Promising basketball anime after the Kuroko era

General comment

Ahiru no Sora Basketball is a sports anime that is expected by many fans in the fall 2019 series. Slam Dunk, Kuroko no Basket, Buzzer Beater, Ahiru no Sora Basketball still opens up a huge space for all the hearts of basketball movie lovers to wear.

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The Kuzuryuu school team will probably remind more or less of the Shohoku (Slam Dunk) school team with the “student souls of the parents”, reminiscent of the male students who burned all over the wooden floor, reminiscent of The series of matches was so dramatic that breathing was enough. On top of that, the uplifting emotions of the players will be transmitted strongly and intact byAhiru no Sora Basketball as if we were the live viewers and cheers there. Especially for those who have participated in fighting sports, or used to practice harshly day after day, or shed tears in the past for failure, or embrace the dream of glory, the film will make those glorious days glow again just like the day before.

Ahiru no Sora: Promising basketball anime after the Kuroko era

Ahiru no Sora Basketball will also introduce more about basketball and further promote the beauty of the sport, its teamwork and its antagonism. The stories of practice will no longer be dry, tired, “mortal” anymore, the matches will not be too heavy, full of smell, the slogans will no longer be a cliché. , all will blend into a youth song, like a storm but still poetic.

Ahiru no Sora Basketball doesn’t just stop at the story of a tiny guy challenging the giants, it’s a story of love, enthusiasm, and efforts to overcome fate. Each of the young characters of Ahiru no Sora Basketball contains a half-hearted and half-hearted mouse, and living with both is a tragedy. How to spread wings to fly into the blue sky, even the cowardly fleeing, or blindly frantically is not the answer. Both you and I will see myself as a teenager, swimming in the jumble of the past, present, future, immersed in thousands of adult remarks, wondering “who am I and I will be.” become who “.

Ahiru no Sora: Promising basketball anime after the Kuroko era

After all, Ahiru no Sora Basketball will probably bring contentment. Although no one knows the future, but the square of sublimation happiness will flow with every drop of sweat, every beat of heartbeat soaked in the yard of youth.

Formally speaking, Ahiru no Sora Basketball is well prepared. Stitching images make the ball clear, accurate with reality. Very good character design. Smooth motion effects. Other auxiliary parts of the image are also fully completed. The music is quite a rock and jazz, quite spontaneous and relaxed. Voiceover is also extremely immersive.


Youth and sports are a pair of cards. If you’re addicted to this super-excited, super exciting couple, don’t hesitate to support the quality anime Ahiru no Sora!

Ahiru no Sora Basketball will make you satisfied: great content, great climax, romance to watch and boats to spoiled for sailing!

Ahiru no Sora: Promising basketball anime after the Kuroko era

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