Against Barca in the Real Madrid shirt, Figo won it all

20 years ago, Figo created a shock when leaving Barca to Real Madrid. But “escape” that led him with Real Madrid to glory and pushed Barca into crisis.

Against Barca in the  Real Madrid shirt, Figo won it all

Historically, many players have played for both Barca and  Real Madrid. However, Figo’s betrayal always leaves hatred and argues with Barca fans. No reason was accepted by Barca’s people even when Figo said “I was tricked by Real”.

However, the “escape” to Real Madrid is the most wise decision of Figo’s career. Here, he won everything, from the Champions League, La Liga, the Golden Ball to the hearts of Real fans.

Figo’s most memorable event during his time with Real Madrid was on November 23, 2002, when he met Barca at the Camp Nou. In the stands, Barca fans cursed Figo with words such as “Traitor”, “Mercenaries”, “Scum”, threw dozens of strange objects, including a pig’s head.

A pig’s head can fly

Figo will never forget the crazy night at the Camp Nou on November 23, 2002. It was his third season at Real since leaving Barca. The boos for him sounded too loud and created tremendous pressure.

In the middle of the second half, Real got a corner. In the midst of the rain of flying objects, he took more than 2 minutes to perform it and almost scored. When he reached the penalty spot, he bent down to pick up the lighter, the water bottle and raised his middle finger with a sarcastic smile. Even referee Luis Medina Cantalejo had to suspend the match.

Thousands of fake 10,000 peseta notes were printed on him. Orange, bread, bottles, lighters and even cell phones poured onto the yard like a shower. “I was worried that some crazy people might lose control,” the legend said. A few crazy people did that, with a pig’s head.

A pig's head is thrown into the field as Figo prepares to take a corner.
A pig’s head is thrown into the field as Figo prepares to take a corner.

Figo was born to play for Real Madrid

5 years wearing Barca has been a beautiful time with Figo. You may not have been born in Catalonia, but you are considered to be a native of Catalonia. Following Johan Cruyff, Figo is considered the embodiment of Barca with enchanting football. 

At the Camp Nou, he won the C2 Cup, the European Super Cup, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 2 Copa del Rey and 2 La Liga. In 2000, he also won the title of “Europe’s best player”.

Figo was the captain and spiritual leader of Barca. Even the Barca people also assert that: “Our plan is very simple. Pass the ball to Figo. He can do it all. ”

On the day Barca held the coronation of La Liga and Copa del Rey in late April 1988, Figo also taunted Real Madrid with the song “The white shirts cry. Congratulations to the champion ”from the balcony of the Catalan Generality in Sant Jaume square. The Barca fans also followed: “Don’t stop Figo. Keep going, keep going! ”.

Luis Figo once created a fever of admiration in Barca.
Luis Figo once created a fever of admiration in Barca.

Figo felt Barca management did not acknowledge and enjoy what was worthy. He made it clear about his move to Real Madrid but Barca did not believe him and thought he cheated them.

After Figo left, Barca spent about 133 million euros to sign Marc Overmars, Gerard Lopez, Alfonso Perez, Emmanuel Petit, Javier Saviola, Fabio Rochemback and Francesco Coco but did not bring success.

Meanwhile, President Gaspart’s career collapsed. Barca fell into crisis, finishing the 2000/01 and 2001/02 seasons in fourth place in the La Liga rankings. In the 2002/03 season, they even fell to 6th place and 22 points behind Real Madrid.

In the opposite direction, Figo brought Real Madrid to the Champions League in 2002 and La Liga 2003. He became an important piece in the “Galacticos” team with Raul, Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, David Beckham, Roberto Carlos and Michael. Owen. He also won the Golden Ball award in 2000.

He became the focus of the El Clasico matches in the early 21st century. He really is a symbol of the battle for pride that has gone beyond football. He was even called “the new Di Stefano” and caused controversy like Emilio Guruceta, the referee who controlled El Clasico matches in the 1970s.

Barca not only lost the captain but also lost the best player. “Figo” of Figo further hatred between Barca and Real Madrid. But in the end it was the best decision of Figo’s career and life-changing.

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