Vietnam Fell Into The ‘Death’ Table At AFF U19 Championship 2019

The results of the 2019 Asian U19 Championship (AFF U19 Championship 2019) draw the U19 Vietnam team into the very heavy group with rivals from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Cambodia.

U19 Vietnam will encounter very strong opponents in the U19 Championship in AFF U19 Championship 2019.
U19 Vietnam will encounter very strong opponents in the U19 Championship in AFF U19 Championship 2019.

U19 Vietnam fell into the table of ‘death’

Vietnam will host the AFF U19 Championship 2019 taking place from 5-8. The lottery results gave teachers and coach Hoang Anh Tuan huge challenges when facing many heavy opponents such as U19 Thailand (5 times champion), U19 Australia (4 times champion) or U19 Malaysia (defending champion).

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Meanwhile, Group A is much softer. With the highest rating, U19 Indonesia will compete against U19 Myanmar, U19 Laos, U19 Timor Leste, U19 Philippines and U19 Brunei.

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U19 Vietnam will face defending champion U19 Malaysia in the opening match on August 6. After that, teachers and coach Hoang Anh Tuan clashed U19 Australia (8-8), U19 Singapore (10-8), U19 Thailand (12-8) and U19 Cambodia (14-8).

This is the seventh time Vietnam is the host of the U19 tournament in Southeast Asia. In the past, U19 Vietnam once won the championship in 2007. Last year, U19 Vietnam soon stopped after the group stage when they were in the same group with U19 Thailand, U19 Indonesia and U19 Singapore.

Fixtures U18/AFF U19 Championship 2019

6/815h30AIndonesia 7-1 Philippines
16h00Laos 1-3 Myanmar
19h00East Timor 7-2 Brunei
7/815h30BThailand 1-1 Singapore
19h30Vietnam 1-0 Malaysia
16h30Cambodia 1-5 Australia
8/815h30ALaos 1-0 Brunei
19h00Myanmar 4-1 Philippines
16h00Indonesia 4-0 East Timor
9/815h30BThailand 3-4 Cambodia
16h30Malaysia 3-1 Singapore
19h30Vietnam 1-4 Australia
10/815h30AMyanmar vs East Timor
19h00Philippines vs Laos
16h00Brunei vs Indonesia
11/815h30BMalaysia vs Cambodia
19h30Singapore vs Vietnam
16h30Australia vs Thailand
12/815h30AIndonesia vs Laos
16h00East Timor vs Philippines
19h00Brunei vs Myanmar
13/815h30BAustralia vs Malaysia
16h30Cambodia vs Singapore
19h30Thailand vs Vietnam
14/815h30AMyanmar vs Indonesia
19h00Philippines vs Brunei
16h00Laos vs East Timor
15/815h30BMalaysia vs Thailand
16h30Singapore vs Australia
19h30Vietnam vs Cambodia

U18 rankings of Southeast Asia 2019

Group A

3East Timor2+13

Group B


U18 Southeast Asia 2019 schedule, standings will be updated continuously, timely so that fans can follow the footsteps of the U18 Vietnam team.
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