AFF U18: Attacking Eyes, Trio Competition

AFF U18 Vietnam football results – Singapore U18, Group B AFF U18 Cup 2019) U18 Vietnam and Singapore U18 have great ambitions in the group stage clash.

U18 Vietnam – U18 Singapore: Attacking Eyes, Trio Competition

To lose U18 Australia to 1-4, the match against U18 Singapore is like the final with U18 Vietnam. If not to win this match, U18 Vietnam will face a big disadvantage in the AFF U18 competition for the ticket to the knockout round.

U18 Vietnam plays well
U18 Vietnam plays well

Also by that, the army of coach Hoang Anh Tuan attacked immediately after the opening whistle. After a lot of effort, finally, U18 Vietnam also opened the score in the 28th minute. An extremely unique solo phase of Tran Manh Quynh. The player of U18 Vietnam went cleverly before launching the decisive shot to open the AFF U18 score.

After that, U18 Vietnam still created more opportunities, but Tan Sinh and his teammates could not take advantage of success. Therefore, the score of 1-0 in favor of U18 Vietnam was maintained until the end of the first half.

After the break, U18 Vietnam attacked more violently. In the 46th minute, after a Singapore U18 player lost the ball, Kim Nhat had a very soft handle before launching a decisive shot. Unfortunately, the ball hit the post again. Only 1 minute later, Nguyen Hoang headed high, bringing the second goal for U18 Vietnam.

63rd minute, it was Minh Nhat’s turn to put his name on the scoreboard with a header near the city. From now on, the outcome of the match will be decided. U18 Singapore won 3-0, U18 Vietnam still ranked third in the rankings, with 6 points after 2 matches, 3 points behind Australia U18, less than U18 Malaysia difference.

Final score: Vietnam U18 3-0 Singapore U18 (First half: 1-0)


U18 Vietnam: Manh Quynh 28 ‘, Nguyen Hoang 47’, Minh Nhat 62 ‘


U18 Vietnam: E Li Ni E, Vu Tien Long, Vo Minh Trong, Ho Khac Luong, Nguyen Xuan Binh, Dang Quang Tu, Bui Tien Sinh, Vo Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen Kim Nhat, Tran Manh Quynh, Nguyen Nhi Khang

U18 Singapore: Noorhassan, Mohd Zinin, Degat, Md Aisan Aizuddin, Md Aisan Aisamuddin, Soon Heng, Emzah, Sidik, Bujang, Masnawi, Rahmat

U18 Indonesia – U18 Malaysia: Class chase 7 goals, extra hero

U18 Indonesia was unbeaten and got 13 points to top Group A while U18 Malaysia was fortunate not to let U18 Vietnam take the second place in the last round when losing to Thailand U18.

Few spectators on the pitch could predict the dramatic intensity of this match. A deflected free-kick created an opportunity for Afif to close to open the score for Malaysia U18 in the 19th minute. But they did not keep this advantage before the end of the first half when Putra Beckham finished the second line to take advantage. A cross from the right by the team.

In the second half, U18 Malaysia again took the lead after taking advantage of a defending ball from the defender and Shamsudin shot a dangerous long shot. But U18 Indonesia in just 3 minutes scored up to 2 goals to back the line, Rachman subbed off to the 16m50 area and finished sinking in the 80th minute before Alfarid went bravely and ended a counterattack with a powerful shot in the 82nd minute.

U18 Malaysia won a dramatic match of 7 goals
U18 Malaysia won a dramatic match of 7 goals

But U18 Indonesia celebrated not long after their mistake brought a penalty for U18 Malaysia shortly after, and Harith equalized 3-3 in the 84th minute, causing the match to go into extra time. And it was Harith who became the hero of U18 Malaysia when in the 99th minute he penetrated the U18 penalty area of ​​Indonesia and took a free-kick from the left wing at the far post to head comfortably set 4-3.

Harith’s goal put U18 Malaysia in the final and they will meet the winning team of U18 Australia – U18 Myanmar in the final on August 19, while U18 Indonesia will compete in third place with the losing team of this pair.

Match ratio: U18 Indonesia 3 – 4 U18 Malaysia (1st half: 1-1)


– U18 Indonesia: Beckham – 45 ‘, Rachman – 80’ and  Alfarid – 82 ‘

– U18 Malaysia: Afif – 19 ‘, Shamsudin – 54’, Harith – 84 ‘(pen), Harith – 99’


U18 Indonesia: Ernando, Maulana, Beckham, Amiruddin, Bayu, Mochammad, Fathur, Dewangga, Alfarid, Dwiki, Kahfi.

U18 Malaysia: Nazrel, Ajmal, Haiqal, Firdaus, Azam, Azuan, Hakim, Iman, Nasip, Syah, Afif.
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