Vietnam reached the semi-finals of the AFF U15 Championship 2019

After 5 group matches, the U15 Vietnam team won the right to the semi-finals of the U15 Championship in Southeast Asia 2019 with 12 points.

At the AFF U15 Championship 2019 going on in Chonburi, Thailand, the U15 Vietnam team (led by coach Dinh The Nam) in Group A with the teams: Indonesia, Timor -Leste, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Vietnam overview

AFF U15 Championship 2019

Right on the AFF U15 Championship 2019 opening match (July 27), the students of coach Dinh The Nam were disadvantaged when losing to defending champion Indonesia 0-2.

The opening loss of the tournament left the U15 players in Vietnam the only way to win the remaining matches to raise hopes of passing the group stage when the next competitor, Timor-Leste, played quite well ( beat Myanmar in the first match with the score 3-1).

With high determination, in the next matches against the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, the U15 Vietnam team played solidly and all won 3 points (won Philippines 3-1; beat Singapore 1-0 and beat Myanmar 3-0 ).

With 9 points in hand, U15 Vietnam met U15 Timor-Leste in the second match of Group A (the first place belongs to Indonesia).

In the first half

AFF U15 Championship 2019

In the match against U15 Timor-Leste on 4/8 afternoon, the U15 Vietnam team was only 1 point behind the opponent, so only the victory, the students of coach Dinh The Nam could enter the semi-finals.

According to VFF, in this match, U15 Timor-Leste advocated playing defensive counterattacks to preserve the advantage and want to at least win a draw to continue. However, U15 Vietnam did not easily accept this situation, so they organized an attack from the beginning of the match.

In the second half


The struggled game lasted until 76 minutes (2nd half).

After missing a great opportunity due to impatience, 76 minutes, Cai Van Quy scored a goal for the U15 Vietnam team.

This is also the only goal of the match and put the Vietnamese players in the semi-finals with 12 points, 1 point behind Indonesia’s top team.

The opponent in the semi-finals of U15 Vietnam is U15 Thailand or U15 Malaysia (Group B) after the match between these two teams on the afternoon of 5/8.

AFF U15 Championship 2019 is held in Chonburi, Thailand from July 27 to August 9. The tournament has 12 teams participating, including 11 teams in Southeast Asia and U15 Australia.

In Group A, the two semi-final teams are Indonesia (first place) and Vietnam. In Group B, the two top teams in the group are Thailand and Malaysia.

The semi-finals took place on 7/8. The final and third-place match took place on August 9.

Final results


Championship team: U15 Malaysia

Second team: U15 Thailand

Third team: U15 Indonesia

Fair-play: U15 Vietnam


At the end of the AFF U15 Championship 2019, the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) has awarded the Fair-play award to the U15 Vietnam team with a devoted performance in the U15 Championship in Southeast Asia 2019. Meanwhile, despite being the host, U15 Thai Lan made the final close with the ugly image when initiating the chaos with the Malaysian players.
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