AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand And Malaysia Players fight

Enraged because his Malaysian U15 colleague continued to play cruel time at the end of the match, at AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand player could not control himself and caused violence.

Overview of the situation

AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand

The final of the AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand saw an unforgettable sight in the tournament’s history when Thailand and Malaysian players fought each other in the surprise of the audience and officials of the two teams.

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When the match had entered the second minute of extra time in the second half, U15 Malaysia was leading the hosts with a score of 2-1. To ensure the championship, the visitors did not hesitate to use many hours of action that made the opponent extremely inhibited.

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In a disputed situation near the corner flagpole, the two teams erupted in violence after an aggressive push from the yellow shirt player. Unable to keep his composure, Thailand No. 19 rushed to beat Malaysia captain Izwan, opening a fierce brawl between the two teams on the field.

What Thailand coach says

Championship 2019

The AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand coach praised the students despite losing to Malaysia in the U15 AFF Cup final 2019. He also made statements about the scuffle at the end of the match.

Speaking about the fact that the Thai U15 player punched the Malaysian player in the face before two teams went into chaos in the 81st minute of the match, Mr. Salba said: “I promise I will not let this situation repeat. We will have conversations with the players “.

Earlier according to Siam Sport, coach Salvador Valero Garcia also proved quite satisfied despite losing to U15 Malaysia. “The tournament has gone very well. We have worked hard and worked for a long time. U15 Thailand has no short-term goals. Our long-term goal is the upcoming Asian Championship.” he said.

Behind the punches

AFF U15 Thailand

It is not only the punches, but it is also the impotence when Thailand U15 cannot overcome Malaysia U15, the despair of a football background that has lost its position of regional hegemony.

Failure in the final is the second time in the U15 Championship in Southeast Asia 2019, Thailand could not overcome Malaysia. Previously, they were held by the opponent in the last match of the group stage and accepted to lose the top spot. Twice against Malaysia U15, Thailand failed to win a match. Both times, they let the opponent achieve the desired results.

The punches on the Chonburi pitch are stimulation from a specific situation, but it is also a burst of compression from the feeling of helplessness. They were kicked at home, they were a higher football background, they took the lead (AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand team opened the score but lost 1-2), they seemed to have every advantage. Yet despite everything, they still could not win against people.

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AFF U15 Thailand

If AFF U15 Championship 2019 Thailand’s inferiority to Vietnam has been evident through a series of recent confrontations, its inferiority to Malaysia can also be seen. The last two U15 and U19 matches in Southeast Asia, Malaysia are champions and have never lost to Thailand.

AFF Cup 2018, Malaysia eliminated Thailand at the holy land of Rajamangala. U23 Asian qualifiers recently, Thailand failed in My Dinh and only continued thanks to the homeowner, while Malaysia U23 eliminated still lifted their heads when holding China with Guus Hiddink
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