AFF U 18 2019: U18 Malaysia Rose To The Top Of The Table

U18 Malaysia created one of the biggest shocks at the AFF U 18 2019 when unexpectedly crushed U18 Australia three goals to remove to rise to the top of Group B.

Suddenly “crushing” U18 Australia, U18 Malaysia rose to the top of the table

After losing to U18 Vietnam in the opening match, U18 Malaysia has won two consecutive victories against U18 Laos and U18 Singapore. Entering the fourth match, Malaysia U18 must face U18 Australia, the team that is considered the strongest group in Group B.

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Entering the match, it was not unexpected when the team from Kangaroo land soon dominated the game and continuously created waves against Firdaus IM Fadil’s goal, causing the Malaysian U18 captain to be matched and have some handling phases. lack of precision.

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However, in the most difficult time, U18 Malaysia suddenly got the opening goal in the 17th minute. From kicking the ball to the teammates at home turf, Luqman Hakim showed his tremendous speed, surpassing two U18 defenders in Australia before making a shoe shot to defeat goalkeeper Jackson Lee.

Excited after the score, U18 Malaysia played better under heavy rains in Thanh Long Stadium. Only 10 minutes after the opening goal, the defending champions had a double goal difference. From the corner kick of the left corner of the team, Muhammad Azam made a powerful shot in the penalty area in an unaccompanied position.

AFF U 18 2019

Not stopping there, in the 39th minute, the score was 3-0 when Luqman Hakim once again entered his name on the scoreboard with a shot from a narrow-angle that beat Jackson Lee for the second time.

The second half of the match saw tireless efforts to find the equalizer of U18 Australia. However, the ungainly of young strikers from the country of kangaroo made their offensive situations only at the opportunity and received the first defeat at the AFF U 18 2019.

With this result, U18 Malaysia has overtaken U18 Australia to reach the top of Group B when having the same nine points after four matches but more indifference.

Claiming U18 Malaysia, U18 Australia wins Southeast Asia

On August 19, U18 Australia struggled to defeat U18 Malaysia with a score of 1-0 thereby winning the AFF U 18 2019. This result helps the kangaroo team to recover the debt that U18 Malaysia had borrowed in the group stage.


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FINISHING: The match ended with a minimum victory of 1-0 for U18 Australia and the U18 Championship in AFF U 18 2019. After the referee Ngo Duy Lan blew the whistle to end the match, the players of the two teams almost scrambled. together. BTC members, two-team coaching staff and security staff promptly intervened, so the incident did not go too far.

AFF U 18 2019

90 ‘+ 5

The goal of U18 Australia pan after the penalty kick of U18 Malaysia.

90 ‘

The final has 5 minutes of injury time.

90 ‘

BALLOON FOOTBALL: After a block from U18 Australia, a player from the country of kangaroos finishes outside the box and hits the ball to the post.

80 ‘

WIND: Brooks invades the penalty area and then defeats the goalkeeper on the side of Malaysia U18, opening the final score.

The joy of U18 Australian players with the score opener.
The joy of U18 Australian players with the score opener.

74 ‘

MISS: U18 Australia’s turn to have a very good opportunity, but Brook finishes going down the post in the face of goalkeeper Malaysia U18.

70 ‘

U18 Malaysia has just had 2 consecutive counter-attacks that made U18 Australia’s defense wobble, Lugman’s shot sent the ball down the column just a few inches.

59 ‘

HORIZONTAL BALL: A dangerous attack by U18 Malaysia, the goal of U18 Australia has just shaken after the finishing phase of the yellow-shirt player’s crossbar.

57 ‘

MISS: Putting up the line almost U18 Australia pay when U18 Malaysia counterattack. However, the yellow shirt player was too sloppy for his teammates, missing the opportunity to open the final score.

47 ‘

NOT IN: Diaz on the U18 side of Australia had a free-kick from the penalty area that forced the goalkeeper Azman to save people, saving U18 Malaysia from the goal.

The joy of U18 Australian players with the score opener.


The second half of the U18 Southeast Asia final between U18 Malaysia and U18 Australia has begun.


The first half closed without any goals scored.

43 ‘

The two teams are playing with a certain degree of caution, while U18 Australia has a standstill despite dominating the opponent.

34 ‘

The U18 Australian players are still facing the certainty and discipline of the U18 Malaysia defense.

26 ‘

U18 Malaysia is still actively giving way to the opponent and waiting for the opportunity to organize a counterattack. On the other side of the battle line, U18 Australia, despite dominating the game, the pressure was not too great to neutralize the yellow shirt defense.

18 ‘

Still, the team from the country of kangaroo dominates the game, a few opportunities have been created but not significant.

6 ‘

Despite a 3-0 victory in the group stage against U18 Australia, Malaysia U18 players still entered cautiously in the rematch in the final AFF U 18 2019.


The referee blew the whistle for the match between U18 Malaysia and U18 Australia started.

Earlier in the third match, Indonesia U18 had a 5-0 victory over U18 Myanmar. All 5 goals of the team of thousands of islands are recorded in the last 10 minutes of the first half.
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