22-Year-Old Star Scandal Kicked Southeast Asia in AFF U 15

U15 Malaysia coach has told the New Straits Times that he believes there are still some cases of age fraud at the U15 Southeast Asia 2019 tournament. The AFF Football Association of Southeast Asia has specific feedback on the suspected fraud case at the AFF U 15 tournament taking place in Thailand.

The scandal of 22-year-old star kicking AFF U 15 tournament: Is there more vibration fraud?

The AFF U 15 tournament 2019 taking place in Thailand is gradually becoming a hot topic of the regional press. The reason is that U15 Timor Leste is said to include a 22-year-old player on the tournament list for players aged 15 and under.

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U 15's Freitas Timor Leste is said to be 22 years old and used to attend the AFF Cup 2018
U 15’s Freitas Timor Leste is said to be 22 years old and used to attend the AFF Cup 2018

There is solid evidence that U15 Timor Leste’s No. 10, Freitas, who participated in the AFF Cup 2018 at the age of 22. Currently, the Southeast Asian Football Federation is embarking on investigation and No final conclusion yet.

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While the grave is waiting for the results of this incident, the Malaysian U15 team has launched another scandal. U15 Malaysia coach P, Maniam told the New Straits Times newspaper that the tournament was the same.

The Malaysian coach also revealed that the players do not have to undergo a bone test before the tournament starts. Therefore, some countries have intentionally put over-age players in the tournament to earn achievements by making 2 identification cards for players.

U 15 Malaysia coach (left) thinks that Phomma Khotphouthone (No. 20, right) also cheats his age
U 15 Malaysia coach (left) thinks that Phomma Khotphouthone (No. 20, right) also cheats his age

With the case of striker Phomma Khotphouthone, visually, you can see that the player is taller than most of the players attending the tournament and has a “more experienced” face than usual. However, U15 Laos is only ranked 4th in Group B and the chances of going forward are not high. That is probably also one of the reasons Malaysia does not want to continue the investigation.

Unlike U15 Timor Leste, this team has just won 4-0 against U15 Singapore and Frietas is still present and wears the captain’s armband. With this result, Timor Leste continues to lead Group A with three victories, a draw and a high mark (+12).

If he is found to be cheating on a player’s age, then Timor Leste U15 will most likely be canceled the result. However, a question arises that in the case of Frietas being punished, how many teams in this tournament will “follow” U15 Timor Leste.

Why is the suspect 22 years old shocking ?

This player has scored up to 4 goals in just 3 matches, helping U15 Timor Leste to be at the top of Group A after 3 matches with 7 points, scoring up to 11 goals and losing only 3 goals. This is considered one of the biggest surprises in regional football when U15 Timor Leste, who was considered the “paving the way” before the tournament, now ranks above both Vietnam and Indonesia.

According to the latest announcement from the AFF Football Association of Southeast Asia, they have received an official document protesting that a player suspected of cheating is still playing publicly, and requires AFF to get in on the investigation to clarify.

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AFF confirmed that it will take necessary measures to investigate and impose severe penalties if Timor Leste u15 is found to have violated the tournament rules. At the same time, AFF also requires stakeholders to cooperate, provide records, to complete the investigation soon.

If the U15 Timor Leste player is judged to have been an age fraud after an AFF investigation, the player will most likely be disqualified and the U15 Timor Leste will be penalized for age fraud. This will, of course, benefit Indonesia and Vietnam. As a rule, only the top 2 teams in each group will win tickets to the semi-finals.

After 3 matches, coach Dinh The Nam’s team has only 6 points and ranked 3rd. The next two opponents of U15 Vietnam will be U15 Myanmar and U15 Timor Leste in the last match. If the key player of U15 Timor Leste is banned, the chances of winning in Vietnam will be wider, thereby having a great advantage to compete for one of the two tickets in Group A for the next round.
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