Adriano Leite Ribeiro: What Is Left After The Glory?

With the word “Adriano” on Youtube, we will easily find a video called L’Imperatore (meaning the Emperor) played on the background music of two rock songs One last breath (Last Breath) and Say it to my face.

Are these also the “last breath” of a star once known as the Emperor of Milano?

Because, through the days immersed in that radiant glow, the current Adriano Leite Ribeiro only brings regret.

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Adriano during his glorious years at Inter Milan
Adriano during his glorious years at Inter Milan

Going up from Favela

Coming from Vila Cruzeiro favela – one of the most vicious and dangerous slums in the city of Rio de Janeiro, little Adriano is like many other unfortunate Brazilian children, only two roads to change. fate, or play soccer, or sell drugs.

However, amid the vicious temptations of life, the boy born in 1982 finally decided to choose to follow the ball, the miracle that later brought the name Adriano Leite Ribeiro into the light.

Growing up from the youth team Flamengo, the Brazilian striker only took a year to play professionally in his first club shirt before impressing the European scouts thanks to his natural talent.

In the summer of 2001, at the age of 19, Adriano was brought to the Giuseppe Meazza by Inter Milan management in media skepticism.

Of course, the striker from the other side of the Atlantic also does not have many opportunities to prove value because, at that time, Inter still owns many top-class strikers, such as Ro “fat”, Vieri or Alvaro Recoba … Very quickly, Adriano Leite Ribeiro was loaned out at Fio, before being saved by Parma with a fairly complex contract related to the Fabio Cannavaro deal.

Even in the first season of the Ennio Tardini club (2002/03), the former Flamengo player joined Mutu to form the “notorious” goalscoring duo in Serie A (two people scored a total of 33 goals). Only then, less than half a year later, Inter had to rush to buy Adriano from Parma for the “sour” price (nearly 30 million euros) and accept to give him the prestigious number 10 shirt.

During the 2003/04 season, the Brazilian star scored an additional 9 goals in the domestic league, thereby helping the Nerazzurri just enough points to win the 4th position to participate in the Champions League. However, this is still not the peak of Adriano Leite Ribeiro because the 2004/05 season is the time when the striker plays the most sublime in his career.

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"Emperor" used to make the whole world scared of his ability to score superhuman
“Emperor” used to make the whole world scared of his ability to score superhuman

Possessing the ability to dribble the ball in a muscular body (1m90 tall), along with the left leg was considered “the best in the world” at the time, Adriano Leite Ribeiro is like a vivid combination of Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos.

Of the 28 goals scored by the Brazilian striker in that holy season, most of them were the masterpieces that surprised the whole of Europe. From spectacular solo situations tearing Udinese defense, hat-trick farewell Champions League champion – Porto, to cannon shot without taking momentum to AS Roma in Coppa Italia … all turned Adriano became a new symbol in the eyes of the Interista, they called him L’Imperatore di Milano, the Emperor of Milano.

In the summer of 2005, Adriano Leite Ribeiro continued to witness the most explosive “monster” in the national team shirt, with 5 goals helping Brazil win the Confederations Cup. At that time, it was always felt that as long as Adriano achieved a state of excitement and stability, no defense in the world could stop him.

A striker who is both technical and skimming at the same time and always ready to “terrorize” all subjects with terrifying long shots, it’s hard to find any words that fully describe the Emperor’s excellence during this period.

The tragedy of a genius

At the age of 23-24, not many people believe that the most prolific Adriano Leite Ribeiro in his career will soon lose his form. However, life is always a series of very unpredictable stories.

Constantly immersed in the wild orgy, with brandy and girls, the Brazilian player gradually declined on the pitch. Adriano’s promising future was quickly ruined by skipping rehearsals to escape to the party. In addition, the death of his biological father, Almir, also made the boy from Rio unable to keep himself.

The 2006 World Cup finals, when the whole country of Brazil believed, was the time when Adriano Leite Ribeiro was disappointed with only 2 goals in 5 matches, causing Selecao to stop in the quarterfinals before the French.

n late 2007, unable to continue to be patient with Adriano’s disorganized living habits, President Massimo Moratti decided to send him to Brazil to regain his style in Sao Paulo.

Despite a fairly successful home game, in February 2008, Adriano Leite Ribeiro was kicked off the pitch in February 2008 after punching defender Domingos in the face of Santos, a “crazy” moment that led many to believe that the Emperor was really … dead.

Sometime later, despite being brought back to the Giuseppe Meazza by the Inter Milan leadership in the summer of 2008, Adriano also could not meet the expectations under the new coach Jose Mourinho and then had to say goodbye to Milano in the criticism and countless regrets of the grave.

Image Adriano unemployed and had to "live worn" in the slums of his home town
Image Adriano unemployed and had to “live worn” in the slums of his home town

The career of the Brazilian striker gradually goes into “dead-end” after the adventure to the old clubs Flamengo, AS Roma, Corinthians and the latest Miami United.

Not long ago, the Miami leadership decided to liquidate the contract with Adriano Leite Ribeiro, causing the once eminent Emperor to become a career without a way. Previously, the former Parma star also had to appear in court several times due to suspicion of involvement in drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro. Now, Adriano is accepting “living away” to gnaw on his glorious past.

Not long ago, the Brazilian media also reported that Adriano Leite Ribeiro has returned to the place where he used to live and rely on gangster gangs to protect. However, other sources claim it was just a visit to old friends. But no matter what is true, the regret of an outstanding talent like Adriano is inevitable.

Adriano has a close relationship with gangsters
Adriano has a close relationship with gangsters

Born in miserable circumstances, but God is also very fair with Adriano Leite Ribeiro when giving him a chance to change fate with the ball. Unfortunately, the Emperor was unable to overcome the temptations of life, unfortunately.

Amidst the sudden and sudden halo, the Brazilian star’s life appears as if it were a tragedy. Unfortunately, there are mistakes that will never be corrected, even if Adriano is a genius …

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