Aaron Wan-Bissaka – The Treasure Of Man United

A great victory is only worth 3 points. However, a talented star is a treasure of the future. While the Man United homepage, based on the opinion of fans who gave the title of best Manchester derby to Bruno Fernandes, the statistics page Whoscored gave the highest score defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka (8 points), Whether this guy is called “Spiderman” does not appear in the list of goalscorers or assists.

The most impressive thing Aaron Wan-Bissaka can do that can be seen with the eyes is to lock Raheem Sterling, blocking a fuse of Man City, causing the opponent to experience the match with the lowest “expected goal” index of this season (only 0.62 goals).

Aaron Wan-Bissaka's superb tackle is making a big difference
Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s superb tackle is making a big difference

Best Manchester derby?

Going into the indexes shows how much appreciation Aaron Wan-Bissaka has. According to Squawka, Aaron Wan-Bissaka successfully performed all 8 of his tackles (ball). So this defender alone accounted for 42.1% of the successful tackles of Man United in the derby. Only Wan-Bissaka tackles the ball as much as the rest of the Man United defense combined.

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8 is also the number of times Aaron Wan-Bissaka has recovered the ball from the feet of City players. He also has 3 times to cut the dangerous passes of the opponent and 2 saves to rescue the defense.

There was a time when United fans criticized Aaron Wan-Bissaka for very unreasonable reasons. It was after the MUFC page published a list of 30 players who lost the most matches without scoring a goal for Man United, of which Wan-Bissaka ranked 29th. At that time, he had gone through 33 matches. play in a row without scoring.

By the time Aaron Wan-Bissaka was first brought to United, coach Ole Solskjaer had bragged that he had just recruited the best assist full-back he had ever seen. By the time Solsa said this, Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold seemed to be the model he expected to see in Wan-Bissaka.

Wan-Bissaka contributed 42.1% of the successful tackles of Man United in the derby.
Wan-Bissaka contributed 42.1% of the successful tackles of Man United in the derby.

However, 34 matches in all competitions this season have passed, and Aaron Wan-Bissaka has only two assists in the table, while Alexander-Arnold has done 14 times. Vin into those stories, many people deliberately forget about Wan-Bissaka’s excellent defensive style to attack this guy who turned out to not know how to attack as rumored. However, the Manchester derby proved, that excellent defense is also a goal.

The future star

We have to look at the fact that, although Man United has just captured the whole of the Premier League stage lights, they still stomp at No. 5. The victory of the “Red Devils” has great value on the calendar moment. history, but performances such as those of Wan-Bissaka bring valuable value to the future.

Man United need people like future Aaron Wan-Bissaka. In the past, there was a Man United legend who stepped from darkness to light after a similar game. It was Ryan Giggs, also after the Manchester derby. So please cherish the recent performance of Aaron Wan-Bissaka. It is not necessarily world-class, but it is a premise for the future.

According to statistics, among the right-back who played over 1,000 minutes in the top 5 national championships in Europe, Wan-Bissaka ranked 9th on the list of players with the highest win rate when confronted and is The player with the most tackles.

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be a treasure that United should treasure
Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be a treasure that United should treasure

In addition, for those who are criticizing Aaron Wan-Bissaka not know how to create, you must review the following statistics: The defender’s expected assists per game is 0.23, the second-highest Premier League after Alexander-Arnold (0.33). If Man United’s attackers take better chances, Wan-Bissaka’s assists are very different from the current modest record.

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All of the aforementioned statistics outline the defender’s portrait to be excellent in the future. That will be the basis for United to rebuild. In the past, the right-wing of “Red Devils” with couple David Beckham and Gary Neville made a huge difference between MU and the rest of the Premier League. Will Aaron Wan-Bissaka be able to recreate the miracles of the senior or not?