Take Control Of The Map And Carry Your Teammates With AD Carry Ashe Season 10

As the Queen of the Avarosa, Ashe commanded the largest army in the North. Clever and idealistic but uncomfortable as a leader, she uses magic in her lineage to master the bow with Ice Leg.

With the belief from the people that she is the reincarnation of the heroine in the myth of Avarosa, Ashe hopes to unite the Freljord by taking back her ancestral lands.



The order of increasing Ashe’s skills from level 1 to 18: W, Q, W, E, W, R, W, Q, W, Q, R, Q, Q, E, E, R, E, E.

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Ashe’s runes


Precision: Helps us increase basic attacks and cause lasting damage.

Press to attack: When you shoot a certain champion 3 times in a row, you will receive 30 – 120 more attack damage, weaken the enemy and also receive an additional 12% damage from all sources within 6 seconds.

Overheal: Extra HP regenerates into a shield, up to 10% of total HP 10.

Legendary: Alacrity: Gradually increase Legendary stacks, gaining a 3% attack speed with 1.5 Legendary maximum of 10 times.

Coup de Grace: Deals 9% more attack damage to enemies below 40% health, and adds 9 attack power to each kill.

Domination: Increases the ability to damage and reach the target, plus an 18% attack speed.

Simple shot: When we deal damage to enemies, he restricts movement or actions that cause 12 – 30 standard damage, increasing by level.

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Poro realm: Going into the grass will help us summon Poro after a little effort. It will stay and give you vision until you summon another.

Summoner spells

Flash ​​is a national supplement to all champions, an indispensable item for any ADC so far. So make sure you bring it with you.

Heal: For Ashe, Heal is an effective defense supplement. Because she doesn’t have too many ways to escape outside of R to hold or W to slow down enemies. So the best way to help her get through the process safely is to use Heal.



Core equipment

Infinity Edge: Equipping this item will bring a lot of important stats for Ashe so she can deal a huge amount of damage over time (DPS) in the middle of the game. Aggressive damage, critical damage to multiple targets will help her extremely strong in combat. Runaan’s Rage will raise her Q skill to a new level.

With Runaan’s Hurricane, Ashe will clear minions faster with very painful, penetrating shots when Q is activated. With her critical ratio, attack speed, and movement speed, giving her many advantages in combat, she can attack multiple targets with Runaan’s Hurricane.

Phantom Dancer: This is one of the three essential equipment for this champion besides the two above. The critical chance it brings and especially the shield amount can reduce 240 – 600 damage done to her body.

Optional equipment


For a lack of health champion and not as maneuverable as Ashe, Guardian Angel will be the equipment needed when confronted with slaying champions or those capable of quickly destroying this champion herself. An opportunity to return to combat will enable to make a lot of difference.

In many cases, she faces many champions who can take control moves, in order to maintain the position she will need Mercurial Scimitar to deal the effect and continue to discharge damage.

A must-have item when facing champions with lots of armor and can heal a lot. The Mortal Reminder will help her quickly deal with champions like that. Mundo, …

As well as the Mortal Reminder, the Lord Dominik’s Regards gives the ability to penetrate armor and deal lots of damage to the tanker.Many players will prioritize the Blade of the Ruined King + Runaan’s Hurricane first. As well as helping Ashe clean up minions quickly, the movement speed, lifesteal, critical strike rate has also been increased. This is absolutely essential for her.