8 teams do not want Serie A 2020 to restart

While many officials try to push Serie A 2020  to complete the 2019-2020 season, many clubs in this tournament do not want to return for player health reasons during the Covid-19 epidemic season.

8 teams do not want Serie A 2020 to restart

Cancelation is still in each Club Plan

Whether or not to relaunch Serie A 2020 is the subject of controversy over the past 3 weeks in Italy. Lazio president Claudio Lotito wants to return to play because his club has the opportunity to compete for the Scudetto this season, losing just one point to the top team Juventus after 26 rounds.

Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora is scheduled to meet with the Serie A Organizing Committee on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of restarting football matches.

Today, Serie A will hold an online meeting with clubs to discuss when the season will continue. Minister Vincenzo Spadafora is cautious about whether he will play again or not, but he wants the road to be replayed by the view that this is not merely a football but an important economic segment to recover.

Currently, there are 8 clubs that do not want to return to the competition. The first was President Brescia Massimo Cellino, who made the decision last week. Now there are 7 more clubs: Torino, Sampdoria, Bologna, Parma, SPAL, Cagliari and Udinese. Most of these clubs are located in northern Italy, where the disease spread very seriously. Local media mentioned the name of Fiorentina Club, but the team was silent due to this information.

Another sign that the Italian Football Association, Serie A and the teams have not been able to agree on the plan to restart football matches that have been halted since March 11 until now. It was Dr. Torino’s Rodolfo Tavana who decided to leave the Medical Council of the Italian Football Federation.

He was selected as a Serie A representative in the federation but announced his departure after a month and a half of working as a member of the team building a medical practice when football returns.

Dr. Tavana stated that she has worked conscientiously all the time and there was no discord. However, his personal and business problems arose that left him no longer fully committed and left to give to others.

Serie A hopes to resume in July or August

There will be no summer vacation because of Covid-19. The players will probably rock in prison from the end of this season to the new season. It is the hope of the Italian Football Federation President (FIGC) Gabriele Gravina, although that possibility is very fragile.

Covid-19 continued to ravage Italy and showed no signs of stopping, the number of infections has 3,047 new infections of the cororna virus in the past 24 hours, (bringing the total number to 178.972), the number of deaths was still a record with 683 cases in 1 day.

With the disease situation not stopping but more and more dangerous, no one is sure when life will return to normal and when the ball will roll back on the pitch. However, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has not given up hope that the current Serie A 2020 season will be completed.

Serie A 2020, like most tournaments around the world, was suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis, which has claimed more than 21,181 lives worldwide.

Many Serie A bosses have argued that the 2019-20 campaign should continue or be canceled but Gravina did not give up hope in the current season after the major tournaments were postponed, from Euro 2020, Copa America. and the Tokyo Olympics.

“I consider the cancellation of the season a failure of me and one that devalues ​​the Serie A 2020 itself. It will lead to an unpleasant scenario. I resolutely reject any reflection leading to such conclusions. As long as possible, I will continue to refute these theories. “

Before postponing, defending champion Juventus is leading the table with a difference of 1 point compared to Lazio when Serie A 2020  has just gone through 26 rounds. The final match was played on March 9, with Sassuolo beating Brescia 3-0.

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