6 Years On The Death Of Coach Tito Vilanova

On April 25 of six years ago, coach Tito Vilanova took his last breath in his hospital bed in Barcelona. He passed away peacefully at the age of 45, with a smile still on his lips, despite the pain of salivary gland cancer.

6 Years On The Death Of Coach Tito Vilanova

6 years on the death of coach Tito Vilanova: People left, smiles stayed

The stars Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol of Barca hugged each other and cried when they heard the old teacher died. From London, coach Jose Mourinho expressed his regret for having acted as “eye-catching” Vilanova in a past conflict. On Twitter, Real Madrid midfielder Sergio Ramos wrote: “Farewell to Tito, a shining example of energy” …

The time when Vilanova led Barca was just over 12 months after coach Pep Guardiola decided to leave the Nou Camp. But that was more than enough for him to assert his talent. From Pep’s assistant position, Tito Vilanova stepped out of the great shadow of his predecessor to help Barca set La Liga championship record in the 2012/13 season with 100 points.

Vilanova can not make Barca lovers forget Pep, but he makes them believe that no difficulty can stop the Catalunya team from rising to success. Tito Vilanova was so optimistic in his life that he confidently accepted the task of leading Barca instead of Pep despite knowing that he had evil cancer more than half a year earlier.

Two days before his death, Tito Vilanova still tried to get up, hoping that he could go out and buy roses for his mate Sant Jordi. A few days earlier, he also tried to welcome Messi just to convince him not to leave the Nou Camp, when he learned that the Argentine striker was feeling unhappy with the Catalunya team. Once, as soon as he completed radiation therapy, he wore a wool hat, covered his bald head to cheer for Barca in a match in La Liga.

Tito Vilanova helped Barca win La Liga 2013 with a record score of 100
Tito Vilanova helped Barca win La Liga 2013 with a record score of 100

The love that Tito Vilanova has for the Catalunya football team is enormous. It is also understandable when he went up from the position of assistant coach in Barca B. He was a lot of Barca players mature from La Masia youth training such as Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi … respect. At the Nou Camp for many years now, only he believed in the “internal strength” of the home team by launching the starting lineup with all mature players from La Masia in a match. out in November 2012.

Vilanova is not a tactical genius like his predecessor Guardiola. He also did not have any special discoveries in more than 1 year holding the position of Barca coach. But Tito Vilanova knows how to “win the heart”. Barca players are always ready to fight hard for him.

To date, there are many ideas that, if not led by Vilanova, Barca would have greatly slipped in the crisis after the departure of Pep. The proof is that after Tito resigned to spend time-fighting salivary gland cancer, coach Gerardo Martino was appointed instead. And even with the famous stars, Barca has spent a nearly empty season (only winning the title of Spanish Super Cup 2013).

So, despite only leading Barca for more than a year, Vilanova needs a place in the history of the Nou Camp. Those who love the Catalunya football team will remember him forever with a smile always on optimism and trust.

Strange coincidence with Johan Cruyff: There is a strange coincidence. Tito Vilanova‘s death day is also the birthday of the late legendary coach Johan Cruyff. The Dutch tactician is considered to be the one who brings the total football to spread at the Nou Camp and Tito Vilanova is one of the best “pupils” to absorb. Notably, Cruyff also died of cancer.

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