6 Most High-priced Clubs: Where are Liverpool and MU?

According to the latest statistics from CIES, there are only 6 football clubs owning a squad of over 1 billion euros and the Premier League accounts for 4 seats. So where are Liverpool and MU standing among the high-priced clubs at the moment? 

 Where is Liverpool? 

Week No. 287 of the European Center for Observing and Researching Football (CIES) has released statistics of the most valuable club-  high-priced clubs in Europe at the present time. The statistics are based on the values ​​of the 20 most expensive players from each club, and the value of the players is also based on the data of CIES updated to 11/3/2020.

high-priced clubs
Liverpool is rated by CIES to own the most expensive squad currently

Accordingly, Liverpool is currently the club rated as the most valuable squad in the world at 1.405 billion euros. This is not too surprising because Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students played very successfully in the last 2 years. They won the Champions League in 2018/19 and most likely the Premier League 2019/20 (if not canceled).

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Besides, most pillars of “The Kop” have a very long contract period, so CIES is highly valued. Even a one-year contract player like Georginio Wijnaldum is valued at around 50-70 million euros by the agency and stars like Salah, Mane or Firmino are valued at over 100 million euros.

The team overtaken by Liverpool on this list is the direct competitor to the English Premier League title in the last two years, Man City. According to CIES, Etihad Stadium owns a squad of € 1,361 billion.

Manchester City’s most expensive player, Raheem Sterling, is valued at € 200-250 million. However, Man City owns many pillars who are over 30 years old and still have a short contract period like Aguero, Fernandinho … so they can not “match” Liverpool.

high-priced clubs
The excellent Bruno Fernandes helped MU to be valued at over 1 billion euros

Chelsea and MU (Man United)

Two other English high-priced clubs in the “1 billion euros” group are Chelsea and MU. This is considered quite a surprise because these two teams are in the process of reconstruction. Especially “Red Devils” when their achievements in the past two years are quite poor. The name that helped the Old Trafford team “elevate” is Bruno Fernandes.

MU only costs more than 60 million euros to get the Portuguese midfielder but the number of 18 “Reds” is being valued at between 90-120 million euros, nearly twice as expensive as Pogba’s valuation at the moment. at (about 50-70 million euros). The most expensive player of MU right now is Marcus Rashford (from 150 to 200 million euros).

In this list of CIES, only 6 teams own a squad of over 1 billion euros and the Premier League occupies 4/6 positions. The remaining two teams are Barcelona (1,170 billion euros) and Real Madrid (1,100). The French giant is in the Top 10 and is only close to 1 billion euros despite having two of the most expensive players currently, Mbappe and Neymar.

Atletico, Tottenham, and Juventus are the remaining three names in the Top 10 clubs owning the most expensive CIES squad. The last team in the Big 6 Premier League, Arsenal, was valued at just 624 million euros, ranking 15th in this ranking. https://thenewssports.net/

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Top 10 teams with the most  high-priced clubs line-up in the world (according to CIES)

No.Football teamValuation (unit: million euros)
firstLiverpool (England)1,405
2Man City (England)1,361
3Barcelona (Spain)1,170
4Real Madrid (Spain)1,100
5Chelsea (England)1.008
6MU (UK)1.007
7PSG (France)979
8Atletico Madrid (Spain)836
9Tottenham (England)787
10Juventus (Italy)783