5 highlights of Martial’s rescue from Club Brugge and hail

Man United drew 1-1 with Club Brugge despite being led by Anthony Martial’s effort in Europa League.

Another match showed in the latest football news that Manchester United continued to face difficulties before the teams backed deep defensively. In the hail in the Belgian capital, they only drew 1-1 against Club Brugge despite being more appreciated.

Analyze the situation

But that is also what makes MU happy when they do not create the dominant game. After just 15 minutes, Sergio Romero’s net vibrated after the precise lob of Emmanuel Dennis.

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Martial and Dennis are the 2 strikers of 2 goals in Europa League match

In a stalemate position, MU was lucky enough to get the equalizer. It comes from the mistake of two defenders Club Brugge. First, Maxim De Cuyper threw the ball too high for Martial to steal the ball before Brandon Mechele let the French striker cross easily before scoring.

Draw 1-1 lack of convincing, but away goals are still an advantage for MU. They will be returning to the home ground with Club Brugge in the second leg of the round of 16 in the Europa League. Let’s look back on the highlights in the first 90 minutes.

1. Martial shows his goalscoring skills

In a pre-match press conference, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer announced to the football news articles the bad news that Marcus Rashford had to leave the season due to injuries worse than expected. From here on, Anthony Martial’s responsibility will be greater.

Club Brugge 1-1 MU Martial scored BanMartial helped MU have a goal in a stalemate

Martial helped MU have a goal in a stalemate in Europa League

And before Club Brugge, Martial more or less evokes confidence for MU fans. On bad days, the French football prodigy once could look quite pretentious on the field.

But conversely, he can become a “killer” that can hit the opponent’s net at any time. MU’s 1-1 equalizer goal 36 came from the mistake of the home team, but from the ball to the finish, Martial made it perfect.

In the rest, No. 9 also had one more finish which made the goalkeeper of Mignolet of Club Brugge struggling to make a clearance. In the 67th minute, he gave way to rookie Odion Ighalo and everyone understood this was a move to keep him in front of the Solskjer’s weekend Premier League series.

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2. Dennis again netted!

When Club Brugge was playing in the Champions League group stage this season, Emmanuel Dennis had 2 goals and 1 assist after 2 meetings with Real Madrid. In addition to the goals in the domestic league, the Nigerian striker has been interested by many famous clubs.

Dennis scored an impressive goal

Watching Dennis’s performance before MU, they will be even more determined. There, the 22-year-old spike tormented the visitors’ defense with speed and ability to surf. In the situation of scoring, he also showed the observation and skill to put the ball in the impressive net.

Starting from the goal line of goalkeeper Mignolet, Dennis rushed away as the wind passed Diogo Dalot before raising the ball over the goalkeeper Romero to open the score.

3. Mata‘s Unimpressive performance

In the context of Paul Pogba’s continuous absence due to injury, experts advised Solskjaer to use Juan Mata in Europa League. But in most appearances, the Spanish midfielder proved tired and did not make an impact.

Club Brugge 1-1 MU Mata di bongMata did not perform much before Club Brugge

Mata didn’t perform much facing Club Brugge

That is why MU must spend 55 million euros to recruit Bruno Fernandes. On the day the Portuguese midfielder was exempted from the main kick to recover, Mata again had the opportunity to prove but squandered.

In the 90 minutes on the field, Mata had 3 finishes but did not hit the target. What people are most waiting for are good passes for teammates, he only created one chance to finish.

In terms of maneuverability, Mata is almost unavailable because he is completely out of defense and also unable to handle independently. After Pogba returns, the 31-year-old general’s chances of kicking are expected to be even lower.

4. But Lingard is worse

Not to mention the previous football news showed that Mata faded away but Jesse Lingard was worse than that. The two played supporting roles behind Martial but the support was very limited. Having played impressively when Solskjer temporarily led MU, but for the past 1 year, Lingard was like a different person.

Lingard had another disappointing performance in Europa League

Before Club Brugge, Lingard proved amateurs in each phase of handling. To the simple ball support situation, number 14 also ruined. Apparently, his confidence and creativity were at the bottom.

Matches for the rest of this season is a chance for Lingard to regain confidence if he does not want to be excluded from Solskjaer’s next season plan. But how many times did he get to show off?

5. Romero lost focus

Over the years, Sergio Romero has been a reliable backup for David De Gea. But recently, it seems the Argentine goalkeeper has been distracted.

Club Brugge 1-1 MU Romero can phaRomero was lucky not to be penalized in this situation

Romero was lucky not to be penalized in this situation

Dean Henderson on the payroll MU is doing very well at Sheffield United on loan. Not excluding the possibility from next season, the 23-year-old will be called back to serve the club.

Meanwhile, the number of appearances of people more than 10 years old exactly like Romero will be extremely limited. You can even think of finding a new stop right now.

Therefore, in a rare departure before Club Brugge, Romero showed signs of psychology. In the early minutes of the match, the goalkeeper born in 1987 was lucky not to get a red card when he fell Dennis in the penalty area.

VAR determined that Romero had no errors and received no penalties. But by the 15th minute, his luck was gone. Romero got up too hastily and let Dennis tire the ball over the top to open the scoring for Club Brugge in this season of Europa League.

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