2 decades and lightning love affair of LeBron James

The brilliant career and two-decade love affair made the fans even more admired by the king LeBron James.

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James was persuading Savannah to switch to playing basketball

“He is romantic and sweet but is also very fierce and manly when needed.” Those are Savannah James’s words to his fiance LeBron James. They have been together for nearly 2 decades and that sweetness shows no sign of stopping.

In the Fall of 2002, he was then a basketball superstar at Mary High School in Ohio, while Savannah Brinson chose softball. During a basketball game between two high schools, LeBron was impressed the first time she saw Savannah when she was the cheerleader of the rival school.

Surprisingly, what LeBron James did when hit by the love of lightning was sitting persuading Savannah to switch to playing basketball. “He took my phone number so he could guide me to playing basketball.

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson met in 2002
LeBron James and Savannah Brinson met in 2002

It was just an excuse because he made an appointment with me at a Steak restaurant. During the first meeting, he just looked at me and didn’t eat anything. Sometimes he thinks of something, probably the next reason to see me. “Savannah recalled with a bright smile.

LeBron James is clearly an avid winner and very drastic. High school boy that year did not take much time to flatter her schoolmate, LeBron and Savannah quickly formed the most beautiful couple at the time.

A year later he became the first pick at the NBA Draft 2003 to his girlfriend’s surprise: “I just thought he was the best player in the state, not the entire United States.” Pride and happiness surrounded Savannah until the incident struck.

LeBron James became a father at the age of 21
LeBron James became a father at the age of 21

In LeBron’s rookie season, he suddenly received news from his girlfriend that the pregnancy test strip gave 2 lines. Savannah worries that the two families will go crazy when they know, they are too young and this could affect LeBron’s career.

“I cried every night, we argued a lot, I was scared, I wasn’t brave enough to be a mother, we were too young.” The King’s wife recalls. Instead of coaxing his girlfriend, LeBron James chose a different, very manly and responsible way: “What comes will have to come, let’s do what we have to do, don’t worry!”

Nearly 2 decades he is increasingly happy with the love of lightning at any year

And then on 6/10/2004, at the age of 21 LeBron James officially welcomed his first son Bronny. It was also a difficult time for him when one side was his wife and children and the other was a budding career. But LeBron handles everything very simply with the principle: Basketball and Family.

Nearly 2 decades LeBron James is increasingly happy with the love of lightning at any year
Nearly 2 decades LeBron James is increasingly happy with the love of lightning at any year

All-time outside basketball LeBron James is for Savannah and his young son. He understands that money is no longer a problem, it is caring, understanding and taking care of his son together, which is the best way to make his girlfriend happy.

LeBron James‘s career continued to wind up until the summer of 2010 when he decided to move to Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers fans strongly protested, they burned shirts, protested and insulted LeBron. And when the most difficult Savannah was still there to motivate the father of two boys: “I leaned on his shoulder crying and LeBron said nothing, he just held my hand. And as you can see. He is still moving forward. “

The decision to move to the Miami Heat was a turning point in LeBron James‘s career, leaving behind the insults The King brought back two championships for the Florida team. But not only has he made a great step in his illustrious career, but LeBron has also decided another great move.

he's small family made everyone admire
LeBron’s small family made everyone admire

At an outdoor party in France, he proposed to his 10-year-old girlfriend in a way that couldn’t be more romantic. Two years later, on September 14, 2013, the two were married in San Diego California with the witness of 200 guests who were mostly players. The most special feature is the Crazy In Love performance by singers Beyonce and Jay-Z.

From Cleveland to Miami and now to Los Angeles, from a high school boy to NBA star, LeBron James is always with Savannah. Not only has a brilliant career, but The King’s 2 decades of love also make many people jealous.

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