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09/10 football matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Santos vs Atletico Mineiro – 09/10 football matches prediction

09/10 football matches prediction

Santos is one of the top names of Brazilian football, but Santos disappointed NHM. After 8 matches played, Santos has just won 11 points and is ranked 8th on the rankings. If you do not find your form quickly, Santos could completely be knocked out of the race for the throne. The next match is played at home, but facing a pretty good opponent, Atletico-MG, it is difficult for the homeowner to win in the next match.

Atletico Mineiro had two very bad starting matches of the season when they had to take 2 defeats, but the way they did in the next match was completely different when winning 3-0 against the opponent. The ledge is Sao Paulo. With 15 points in hand, coach Jorge Sampaoli’s army temporarily ranks 3rd on the rankings but is kicking 1 match less than the opponents. The next match, although they have to march away from home to face Santos, with a rather high form, the visitors are confident to aim for 3 points for themselves.

The performance of the host is not good when in the last 5 matches they won 2 wins 1 draw and 2 losses. Santos is performing very poorly. In the last 4 rounds, this team only got 1 win with 1 draw and 2 losses. Broadly speaking, in the last 10 matches in all competitions, Santos only won 3, the rest drew 2 and lost to 5. The attackers are not playing well when they have only scored 9 goals. As 09/10 football matches prediction, with weak public goods, it is difficult for them to intimidate the visitors in the next match.

Real Salt Lake vs Los Angeles

09/10 football matches prediction

Los Angeles entered this match with a very weak form. The 0-3 defeat in the Los Angeles City derby against LA Galaxy recently was their fourth loss in their previous five appearances. In a broad view, the team and coach Bob Bradley have only won 1 match in the last 7 matches.

Los Angeles still shows outstanding control in the game. However, they proved ineffective and stuck in front of the opponent’s crowded defense. Meanwhile, the urge to attack makes Los Angeles expose many holes in the defense and can be easily countered by the opponent.

Already, in this battle, they did not have any difficulties in terms of forces. As 09/10 football matches prediction, their two brightest stars, striker Carlos Vela and captain Mark Kaye are both unable to play for different reasons.

On the other side of the front line, Real Salt Lake has just lost with a bold score 0-4 on the field of Minnesota United. However, it should be noted that Real Salt Lake can play poorly in the country, but every time they return to the holy place of Rio Tinto, they are always very scary. The proof is that in the previous 9 matches, Real Salt Lake lost only 1 match. It is not unreasonable that the house pointed out that the handicap has 0.25, despite all 3 previous times Los Angeles has easily surpassed Real Salt Lake.

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